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look, you know his power level was, like, nine thousand and two

Been getting up to a whole lot of this shit the last couple days.

dad: oh hey ur back early

beamish boy: wabe's haunted

dad: what?

beamish boy: *grabbing vorpal sword and galumphing back out* wabe's haunted

"i could give you this one now, or I could give you two of these if you wait"

oh you have to go get the other one?

"no, you just have to wait for it"

so you have the both right now

"yes and I'll give you one now, or--"

but you could just give me them both now if you wanted to

"i mean yes but--"

but instead you want me to sit here thinking about you arbitrarily not giving me both

"it will let me learn something about you"

yes, it's very clearly me we're learning something about right now

the fundamental lesson of the marshmallow experiment is that some people will withhold things from you for no reason other than to see how it fucks with you

‪Hilbert Curve, 4 Iterations‬
‪oil and pencil on canvas, 36”x36”‬

Like there's just no good songs on it. They forgot to make any good songs. Feels like an oversight. Like I think both Saucerful and Meddle on either side are good albums, but it's kind of impressive how *much* better they are than this gooey bland oreo filling between.

Put on Ummagumma for the first time in like 15 years and am sticking through it out of a kind of grudging loyalty.

something something large format black and white landscape photography of anime body pillows something something Incel Adams

honestly why would i do this to me or anyone else, i'm sorry

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