I'm getting sick of reading things on Medium. I need to understand what the perceived benefits are so I can understand how we could make alternatives like more popular.

@tk ha! if we just rip off claps we can be rid of medium forever.

@joshsharp Thanks for pointing me to! Looks interesting!

@nomura no worries! I came across it here on mastodon as it's another service that federates across instances.

@joshsharp in fact, medium used to be good platform. It became way worse just about year or two, when “business angels” came there and started posting similar content again and again...

@alexcleac it's a needy and greedy silo that puts banners all over the content and tries to bug you to use its app when the site is perfectly fine. And the more popular it is, the more people give it their content. I really wish we could make it just as easy for people to publish somewhere open source, not VC-funded, where users have more control or ownership.

@joshsharp oh totally... And you forgot about their strange paywalls 😂😂

They were good some time ago, but now they just try making money.

@joshsharp tbh I don't know why people use it anymore. It used to be a novel writing "experience" with a nice clean editor and clean presentation as well. I think there's still something something distribution that people feel is a benefit?

@aaronpk right, I read something about it being easy for people to add your posts to their "publication" or something like that, so perhaps that's part of it - people think their reach will be biggest there?

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