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cw: politics, colonialism 

Siri show me former British colonies vs countries which criminalise homosexuality

On the subject of Joanne, why did they let her die when they could have just given her scissors for hands?

boost if ICE is a terrorist organization

One of my all time favourite poems comes from the very last page Danielewski's House of Leaves (2000) and I think about it just about every other day

looking at furniture and imagining my office space

this is my design

reminder to all fascists: your downfall will always come from the people you excluded, the people you thought lesser

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โ€ชJust got described as โ€œoutfit Joshโ€โ€ฌ

Donโ€™t forget to wish your daddies happy Fatherโ€™s Day whether that be sugar or biological or both xoxoxo

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