General request: if you post pictures, please please include alt text describing the image so that everyone, regardless of visual ability, can enjoy your toot.

Please consider asking others to do this. Optionally, reconsider boosting toots if they don't have alt text.

We all have an opportunity to help shape the culture of this place and I'd love, love, love if it were "oh, everyone posts alt text with their images because that's just what you do."

Hi all, If anyone is looking for a freelance product or web designer, who can code, let me know. I'm looking for work.

Here's my updated website/portfolio:

I’m collecting data about Web users who use page zoom and/or change their browser font size, to help make better accessibility decisions at work. Please fill out this survey and boost!

Man. Uploading my first Dribbble shot took much longer than expected. Here it is: - Now, to get back to updating my website in preparation for an upcoming networking event.

Thank you for supporting :mastodon: #Mastodon everyone & the greater #opensource federated Fediverse. Every @instance you see/communicate with is self-hosted & not a company trying to profit off your every. single. word. or pencil/pen tablet stroke. toots are in order. toots are what you choose. toots are your interests. toots are y/our community. share your stuff on those other networks but don’t spend time & ad eyes on’em.
Thank you.

You can also get Mastodon stickers from DesignByHumans:

Or print them yourself from the files available in the press kit on 😋

We're yet to see these changes, so taking Zuckerberg's word, and yes it won't fix everything, *but*: a Silicon Valley company is introducing a change they admit will probably be worse for 'engagement', 'time spent' & presumably revenue. That's significant.

I guess this is my first post. I’m glad to be here! I’m a Product & Web Designer / Developer from California. Now, to get back to completing my first Dribbble shot and then work on updating my website so that I can get more freelance work.


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