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Tearing down others (tech edition) Show more

I’m eating strawberries in AUGUST. I’m disgusting

Mastodon has absolutely nailed (among other things) the UX for content warnings

I also think it needs a name change, to something you don’t need to spell out, to something a baby could say. And then we might have something that keeps Jack up at night. /end uninvited reckons

People are upset with Twitter but only to the extent they want an improved, effective moderation effort, not a decentralised network. They just want the Nazi’s to go away, not to learn what an “instance” is.

Is the goal for Mastodon to become a viable, mainstream alternative to Twitter? Or, to support the product that does? Whatever does, it needs to drop the concept of instances and decentralisation that appeals only to geeky early adopters (me included).

In respect of macOS, I’m sensing a Fluid-ised version of the web client is best (for now)

Really enjoying the GON client for iOS — just slightly edges out Amaroq, in my view. Amaroq seems slightly more fully-featured, but at the expense of ease and clarity of the UI

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I feel ten Internet years younger using this site. I want to download an RSS reader and start a new blog


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