Another one getting started: waiting to board BOS✈️AMS🚆Antwerp - teaching a workshop on at See you soon friends!

Great day on the bike today (even better, followed by time with Ellen) 104mi, 6000’ climbing, 6:14 ride time - and a fun little recap video to boot:

Pretty excited about finding at the farmers market in Ithaca last weekend. This stuff was amazing, and two more varieties now on the way!

I’ve found and followed a bunch of friends here (hi!) but still feels a bit out of sorts. The ‘instance’ thing is feeling like less an issue but I’m wondering if it’s more app choice/quality that’s the issue. Using Tootdon and it’s ok, but a bit slow/rough feeling

Do you think people who make software need to think about the ethics of what they're creating and how they're creating it? Please vote for my talk on #SXSW PanelPicker, “Code is Not Neutral: Ethics of Creating Software.”

A delightful bit of normal (wouldn’t be me without some collies)

Can I help you with your career? I’m accepting applications for my 2018–2019 mentorships through September 30th.



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