Shenzhen I/O is incredibly enjoyable. It feels like the game was made just for me. I spent last night optimizing a puzzle from 20+ lines of code down to 6.

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@jpf aaaa i love zachtronics games! i'm really looking forward to playing exapunks, their new game which came out yesterday. i haven't played shenzhen yet but i've been meaning to.

have you played opus magnum? it removes the space / time constraints for the puzzles entirely. it's still challenging, but the lack of constraints made for a much more relaxing puzzle-solving experience. also, you can still optimize for those metrics if you want to get a higher score on the leaderboards.

@crashb I just got started with Shenzhen I/O last week. Apparently I'm really out of the loop with Zachtronics games 😭

My dad studied EE, so I grew up steeped in the world of Shenzhen I/O - which I why I think I like it so much.

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