It feels to me that all communities have a "goldilocks size" – not too small, not too big. Part of what appeals to me with Mastodon is the ability to host your own community and then federate? I don't actually know how federation works.

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@chuck Great post. Eventually I'll want to learn how it all works on a protocol level, but this is a good overview. Thanks!

@jpf Also if you're curious about how the sausage was made, our very own @cwebber was part of the working group that helped develop the Activity Pub standard.

here's a good overview of that time and surrounding landscape.

@jpf This video helps explain:

it also helps to think of mastodon handles as email addresses (you can be on yahoo and email someone on gmail)

@jpf I got my friend to join (@paxdonnaverde) but she's overwhelmed by posts by people she doesn't know. Is there a way to make a feed of just friends?

The federated timeline is all the accounts followed by accounts on your instance. Takes a bit to get used to but it's sort of similar to looking at everyone's profile on tw to see what they also see.

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