"Alan [Kay] said this 30 years ago" – Steve Jobs in 2007

Given an average hard drive. If you were to count up all of the "1" and "0" bits on that hard drive, would you have more 1's or more 0's?

@ben All right, I've got a plan. We all know rust never sleeps, right? … Right. So, if we all rust, we'll never sleep. Eh? Eh?

Programmers do it while wondering if they should change careers.

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In the spirit of "[type of people] do it [in stereotyped way]":

Programmers do it in between endless meetings.

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@xor have you read "Lost Connections" by Johann Hari? I just recommended it to somebody else.

DEFCON and Blackhat are basically events where everybody wears signs on their back that say "Kick me!" - the main point of the conferences are attending talks about surprising ways of kicking people, but there is a lot of fun to be had in avoiding getting kicked too.

That review of Shenzhen I/O not only perfectly captures the game, it got me through some rough parts of the game, and made me realize that I would get so much more than just "fun" out of playing it.

It's a rare review that can add more to the thing it reviews.

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I just finished up the main part of Shenzhen I/O. What a fantastic game. The last time I remember spending so much time thinking about and having so much fun playing a game was when Portal came out.

Shenzhen I/O is also the first game I've played where a review of the game dramatically enhanced my experience. I would not have enjoyed the game if it were not for this review: probablydance.com/2016/11/07/l

Friendly reminder: this isn't Twitter.

If you're mad about something? Use a content warning.

If you want to write a long post? Use a content warning.

Don't share screenshots of toots that make you mad, and don't follow people that make you mad.

You've left the swirling fire vortex of rage birdsite created to keep investors and advertisers happy. Live free! Live well 👍

@benwerd I say this without exaggeration: The only time when I truly felt like I had "made a deal with the devil" is when I was in a contract with Comcast.

A salary doesn't represent the value of an individual. It represents how valuable the employee is to the employer.

@ericflo I've been thinking about making an SHDH community ... but I shudder at the thought of maintaining a server

I keep thinking about this panel. "Our entire field is bad at what we do, and if you rely on us, everyone will die" is an uncomfortably short summary of software development.

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@xor that bot sounds great. I'd appreciate it if that bot was brought over here.

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