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I'm having a blast playing Shenzhen I/O!

The last game I remember enjoying this much was Portal (though Breath of the Wild comes close too).

I'm so into the game that I bought a binder and tabbed page dividers for the game manual:

@chuck Great post. Eventually I'll want to learn how it all works on a protocol level, but this is a good overview. Thanks!

It feels to me that all communities have a "goldilocks size" – not too small, not too big. Part of what appeals to me with Mastodon is the ability to host your own community and then federate? I don't actually know how federation works.

Really liking the idea of the "fediverse" – are there servers just for bots?

@alantrotter *slaps roof of Mastodon* you should make so many bots for this network

Just found the "Delete and Redraft" feature in Mastodon. So cool!

Whenever I start to feel like I'm at the top of my game, I have the pleasure of meeting people who are even further along than I am. Yesterday I spent 20 minutes being taught the basics of Linear Algebra.

@crashb I just got started with Shenzhen I/O last week. Apparently I'm really out of the loop with Zachtronics games 😭

My dad studied EE, so I grew up steeped in the world of Shenzhen I/O - which I why I think I like it so much.

Shenzhen I/O is incredibly enjoyable. It feels like the game was made just for me. I spent last night optimizing a puzzle from 20+ lines of code down to 6.

@caillou … good point. I mostly want my actions to match up with my "indie web" values.

Excited about the potential of Mastodon. Embarrassed I'm not getting started by running my own server …

@ericflo I keep remembering that that is happening and getting excited all over again.


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