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If at any point this week you become totally burned out on talking about games and you see me and want to talk to someone about stuff besides games - life, food, art, feelings, pets, fun stuff to do around town, etc - I am very happy to be your accomplice in that.

This mod is real now, if still in early stages. It's called Mr. Friendly and I gave a brief demo of it last night, check it out:

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If youโ€™ve been affected by a long term attempt to bully you or psychologically break you down, this might be really helpful to you:

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Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is finally out. It's the product of a ton of work by a huge team of incredibly talented people (and me), and there are a ton of stories in it!

@IggyMeansHeroin just randomly remembered a DBZ "Particle Man" AMV you downloaded sometime in 1997

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it's weird how often you see someone talking about e.g. the production of a video game or a movie, in a way that treats the people responsible as, i guess, of superhuman genius? like "could this blooper reel actually mean THIS?" or "surely this beta screenshot means they were thinking about this" and in every case it's like, no, that decision was arbitrary & meaningless, and everyone makes mistakes, and some things have no explanation, and they're just regular people just like you

Men's figure skating on TV all across this country gives me a bit of hope that masculinity will someday be less narrow, insecure and mean. Guys being graceful, lithe, flamboyant in a way that's still distinctly masculine. It's not an aesthetic I can personally pull off but I breathe a bit easier seeing it.

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One-armed something heavy with my right arm and experienced a rush of gratitude for my fully healed cyborg ulna compared to this time last year when it was slowly knitting and not up to much.

Anyone used Scuttlebutt ? I don't fully understand it yet but I appreciate that the intro video explains it in very human terms.

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Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.

- Ursula K Le Guin

every day i try to complete a tiny bit more of the journey from Romantic Boy to Kind Old Man. it's an active practice and success is by no means guaranteed.

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Pretty wild that The Cave was released 500 years ago today. Thanks to everyone who played it and said nice stuff about it, still living or otherwise.

all of which is to say, lest I molyneux, "craft smoothies for monsters".