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California just passed and signed a law allowing nonbinary genders on state IDs and no longer requiring a physician’s sworn statement. Goes into effect in 2019.

This is huge news.

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"Fund GIMP"
Nah mate, GIMP needs to die, and a healthier, nimbler, more user concious project needs to blossom from it's corpse.

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Whenever I read about identity theft I feel like we have the narrative completely backwards.

If someone applies for a visa in my name they haven't "stolen my identity", I'm still me and still living under my identity, they've defrauded visa.

By calling this identify theft we shift the responsibility from visa (to not give credit cards to randos) to us the public. We must now, somehow, protect an ineffable sense of "identity" based on public information that was never entirely in our control.

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Do not be sad if you are *other*. We can still have a *party*.

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Work takes more out of you then you take out of it.

You can purchase numerous commodities, but you can't ever buy back the hours of your life sold to capital.

Whether you get paid in grades for you academic piecework or wages for facilitating commodity consumption, work is everywhere an alienation of your capacity to determine your own life.

- No Loyality for bosses -
- no loyality to the institutions -

(found here:
#work #capitalism

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Slow software is a diversity issue. If your software only works on new, high end macbook laptops, then the poor can't run your software.

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@cnc @BryanLunduke @tindall 👏 stop 👏 tanking 👏 for 👏 the 👏 alt 👏 right's 👏 DPS 👏

it's easy to accidentally do, but while you're splitting hairs about who should be allowed to voice their opinions, i recommend keeping score of how often you find yourself standing up for pro-white-guy speech, or standing up for women, people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, etc. (latter example have been *actually censored by Google* : ) and then seeing where you stand.

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i bet sometimes you're playing unreal tournament 2004 and thinking "great game, but there just aren't enough skeletons"


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What's up everybody, it's #LibreMonday! This program might be a bit niche, but it is absolutely great still:

SC Controller! It is equivalent to the Steam Controller configurator embedded in Steam, except it doesn't requre you to run Steam, have a working Internet connection, or run any proprietary software!


mental health fell down a hole past few days so i played through all 162 levels of Doom (ultimate, 2 + expansions, final) on UV skill with 100% kills, items, and secrets aka "UV Max" just to say i had. some numbers:
total time: 28:32:55
total monsters: 18,717
total items: 5,022
total secrets: 623
two mods for doing this at the bottom of this page:

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i have always been fascinated by the idea of virtual spaces, 3d ones in particular

games like doom create 3d spaces that exist only as 1s and 0s, but our credulous brains grant them the benefit of the doubt, interacting with these spaces as if they were real

a single hard drive can contain countless square miles of these virtual places. untold expanses

as time goes by fewer and fewer people visit, until places that may have been bustling once are akin to forgotten ghost towns

we create more and more of these spaces every year. there are so many to explore. so many sights to see

i remember the ones that strike me, as if it was a place i'd really been

your game's status bar will never be as righteous as Wild Streets

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"X, but something completely different from and way better than X"