thinking about making a hyper detailed flowchart for when it's appropriate to use "2" vs "II" vs "Too" vs "][" for sequel names

Game designers should absolutely hold ethical stances, but they should also simply avoid unwittingly reproducing design patterns that, in the end, psychologically exhaust people.

Most importantly, triage skill is tied to individual psychological factors that game designers tend to only think about in exploitative ways - how to make players constantly want more, consume more, pay more in the case of F2P - and this is why inventory management so often becomes a chore. Players that aren't prone to hoarding / triage decision paralysis end up in a different, far more enjoyable game.

a thought on inventory management in games:
Most games with Stuff in them, and an Inventory you can put the stuff into, implicitly encourage players to put up almost everything they can. There are various ways you can fight this but it's kinda part of the territory.
"Developing an effective system for deciding what to keep and what not to keep" is a player skill that varies a lot across your audience, and it's way less obvious than eg player manual dexterity. But it's super significant.

fictional poop mention 

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(-) online toxicity, video games 

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EVERY PERSON IS ENTITLED TO A DIGNIFIED LIFE. this is what human rights means.

no strings attached, no asterisks, no exclusions or exceptions. everybody belongs, everybody gets what they need. civilization is not a paradox of triage, in which some get what they need and others must suffer because of it, we do not live any longer in a zero-sum world. scarcity is more often enforced than it is natural. to ask for a world without poverty is not asking the impossible, it is merely asking that we abandon a system of structuring our society that is based on greed and little else.

All my bases are now back online, fully powered. In many cases I was able to painstakingly run cable 100s of meters to an electromagnetic hotspot, but in a few cases I had to rely on a careful balance of solar panels + battery bank. None were nearly as nightmarish as what I had to do for Rainbow Farm though:

Me, a goofus, running around with the equivalent of like 30 pizzas and 19 sandwiches in my pockets:

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the word "drama" 

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and Salt-N-Pepa's "What a Man" both came out in 1995, and for whatever reason when I first heard the main theme of this track my brain provided "What a Man What a Man" as lyrical accompaniment, and I've never been able to fully disconnect them since. Here's to you, 1995.

The new power system has left Rainbow Farm a somewhat sad, dark place at the bottom of the ocean. Bioreactors and solar panels can barely put a dent in the amount of juice needed by all those grow domes, and after surveying the area I found zero electromagnetic power sources in range... am I screwed? The update seems to have spawned a thermal vent right under the base, I really really hope HG takes a page from Subnautica and adds geothermal reactors, wind turbines for stormy worlds, etc.

Finally getting some quality time with Beyond. Here's what's currently strewn about my ship's holds. I have no idea what the new cooking system is really "for", deep down, but I love how ridiculously broad and aimless it feels right now. A bit like IRL cooking without a cookbook, just seeing what's in the pantry and winging it.

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Beyond first impressions:
- oh hey, they didn't reset the universe, all my old bases are still around!
-- but they're unpowered, and boy is it a pain to wire up a big power-hungry base all at once while learning the new system
- a lot of vivid colors are back. this wasn't mentioned in the patch notes but it was right at the top of my wishlist. glorious.
- the new Space Anomaly station is intriguing but absolutely overwhelming, so much going on it almost feels like it's from a different game.

WAD Wednesday starting at the regular time today, in about 50 minutes at 7pm PST:

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