dreamt i was at the Museum of Billionaires with my granddaughter patiently answering questions about life before the Big Fix

I appreciate the ingenuity of this game's Apple ][ version in dealing with tough color restrictions: set the tint knob on your monitor / TV to an unusual value to provide green grass for the baseballin'.

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this is not me, i PROMISE. i would just cop to it if it were me.
but also, bless this person whoever they are. mastodon.social/@revenant/1014

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Maybe you do not even *smell*? That is sad.

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love yourself enough to mute industry "luminaries" who act as salesmen for the broken status quo

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This time last year I was listening to a bunch of metal and writing the quest system for Mr. Friendly.

WAD Wednesday starting in about an hour, at 7pm PST: twitch.tv/jplebreton
For new followers, this is my weekly stream of totally randomly chosen classic Doom levels. Join us for surprises!

Game idea: magical realism im-sim where every city mural by the same artist leads into a common wildly surreal dream world, allowing you to cross cities and even (as is eventually revealed) the planet instantly. Each artist's world is subject to different laws of time and space.

Regarding AR specifically, I still have real doubts about hardware being able to deliver. It will need to be super lightweight, extremely energy efficient, but also capable of ridiculous amounts of local computation. The primary law of physics gating that isn't transistor density (Moore's law is ending anyway) but battery power, and advances in that have been much slower and less predictable.

Whatever new forms the internet takes within our lifetimes, its future must belong to international nonprofits who are accountable to ordinary people. If we lose that battle we are lost as a civilization. Ours will be a history written by shareholders.

"Internet further merging with physical reality" would be terrible news for civilization specifically in the context of Facebook and Google controlling it. In a broad sense I do think that merger is inevitable, we just have to make sure those companies or any functionally identical ethical actors aren't anywhere near it. Which is why the ad-tech surveillance complex must be actively fought and dismantled at every single turn.

The problem with VR has never been that creative people can't make very cool stuff with it. It's that it was spearheaded by companies who were all looking to seize key strategic territory in the next phase of merging the internet with physical reality (which is as horrifying as it sounds), and create a new must-have product category like the iPhone. The former would be terrible news for civilization, the latter simply isn't happening for a huge range of cultural, ergonomic, and tech reasons.

prediction: VR's mindshare and funding will continue to decline, and Mozilla's partnership with HTC will have been yet another giant waste of time at a critical juncture.
everyone's just running out the clock until some theoretical point where AR hardware happens.

"I thought Doom 3 was abysmal and was glad that it led to the demotion of my former co-workers who masterminded it." - daaamn Sandy Petersen going off on former id colleagues donanimgunlugu.com/efsane-sand

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