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update: am awake. goodnight.

i may not actually be awake yet.

meeting at the contract gig i ended up standing next to two other tall white guys with long dark hair so yeah we're in a metal band

One thing I'd really like to do this weekend or over the holiday is make a much more definitive library of my independent work: put up all my old prototypes, Doom mods, and other stuff. Mods will be 100% free, other stuff might be free-or-pay-what-you-want. Also a new Quake 1 mod I made recently.
Has anyone done mods of retail games on itch? I'd like to make the UX as good as I can within platform limits.

s/o to the young dude next to me on platform 1 swigging horchata straight from a carton

First full winter with the metal in my arm. It aches in the mornings. Maybe it improves my wifi tho

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two-years-ago commute was horrible but every so often i do wish i had a sunrise intersecting a train window and a nice long moment of being neither here nor there

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a speckling of gray along my left jaw I'll probably always think of as "September 2014", or at least until time swallows all cartography

It's finally cold enough here that mornings are a story of working up the guts to leave the warmth saved up from bodies beneath blankets.

Recently a guy used the word "patient" to describe his eventually-successful efforts to woo a pretty lady online and it was kinda viscerally distasteful. Be friends with people because you enjoy having them in your life not for some expected future payout.

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@Liberapay Nice work on the platform, seems like it's already doing good. Just curious, what's your position on hate speech? Laws on it vary by country. Would you be comfortable with your platform being used by e.g. a white supremacist to spread their message? What kind of guarantee of safety from things like this can you offer creators and patrons?

dreamt i was trapped on the facebook campus in menlo park and there were those cutesy signs everywhere that said things like FEELINGS ARE AN ENGINEERING PROBLEM and the place had been deliberately designed with no way out. shittiest Myst ever 7/10 stars

I'm here for the intense awkwardness of this Smurf shuffling along to Billie Jean

"I'm too smart to care about people" is never a correct statement.

last boost: TIL "Castellanus", ie castle-like, is a type of cloud. Cloud castles.

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