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I'm highly amused by software developers arguing that capitalism is more efficient than communism while primarily relying on open source software that outcompeted proprietary options.

WAD Wednesday starting a few minutes later than normal today, around ~7:05pm PST:

I have no real problems with "Blu-Ray" but it's a good indication that short of something like "peepoopants", any old random name your megacorp comes up with for a leveraged de facto global standard will stick.

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tfw the James Webb Space Telescope floats near the ceiling above your bed, the size and shape of a chrysanthemum, shimmering like gold

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really enjoying how dismissive of burgers MC Hammer is in the first 5 seconds of this commercial from 1991

I'm still diggin JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, partly because its habit of randomly naming characters after 70s and 80s bands/musicians, and fantastic licensing choices for end credits music, seems to thrive on the weird energy of these arbitrary (AFAICT) culture connections.
The back half of the third arc uses Pat Metheny Group's "Last Train Home" beautifully, and in a magical little reference-loop the Japanese cover for a 2015 PMG greatest hits album features the imagery of said credits.

The song was apparently a standard for Ceefax in the late 70s and early 80s. I've heard people say they associate it with getting ready for school in the morning, or Tom Baker era Doctor Who.
Pop culture can be thought of as this dense, stupefyingly vast mesh of arbitrary connections. Any given one of us only experiences a tiny % of these connections directly but I still get a weird vicarious enjoyment from hearing about other peoples'.

Fun fact: the final moments of Ceefax from 2012 were recorded for posterity by diehard fans. The last song played was a 70s rock instrumental called "BART" by the American band Ruby, founded by CCR guitarist Tom Fogerty. The song was named after the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, which is how I get to work every day.

Sometimes I wish I'd been born in the right time and place to read about castles on Ceefax

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It’s national coming out Day so reminder: “coming out” centers the comfort and acceptance of heteronormative people, not queer people.

Live your truth. The people who matter will grow with you or you’ll outgrow them. You don’t owe anyone a nice persuasive story to make them treat you with respect. Your queer ass already deserves respect.

I would say though that at this point the total # of situations on a modern Linux install, especially on a user friendly distro like Elementary, where one has no recourse but to use the command line, is extremely low unless you're deliberately wading into the Hacker Crap (eg developing software or running a server). And that's great.
Anyone who says "ah so you want to try out Linux huh well get used to typing in arcane commands" in 2019 is bullshitting.

Something goofed up with the keyring that my Arch install's package manager uses to verify updates and I had to manually regenerate it. Done with a very simple command line operation but just getting to the point where I knew what to do was a frustrating process.

WAD Wednesday getting started an hour later this evening, at 8pm PST:

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My theory is that having local-only posts encourages a stronger community, which encourages more posting in general, which leads to more federated AND more local posts.

I believe that offering local-only posts *strengthens* federation.

(Comparative stats above were collected by me looking at the instance/activity endpoint on similarly sized servers to Friend Camp.)

The only truly significant bit of player characterization in Doom Parentheses Twenty Sixteen is this: a trillionaire is telling you that millions of deaths were an acceptable price to pay, and you smash the comm rather than have to listen to him.

As hinted at in this earlier post, my slides are actually part slideshow, part live demo, implemented in Playscii's Game Mode and reading all the slide text & graphics formatting from a text file. I'll post the code for that at some point.

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