So what I'd like is a program I can run on my home computer, point it to my music folder, and then be able to connect to that (with a web browser, I assume? mobile app would be nice too) from any internet connected computer, browse folders, albums, tracks etc, and stream the music with, as a bonus, any cover art present. Does this exist? In a form that's not a total pain to set up and maintain?

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One form of self-hosting that does appeal to me is replacing how I was using Google Music. My home desktop is almost always on, and I'd like to be able to make my music collection (going back to The Great CD Rip of 2002) accessible from any computer, including my smartphone (not that I'm going many places these days, ha! someday...).
I'm not even sure what to call this category of software for web searches; I know "media servers" but they seem mostly focused on streaming within home networks.

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My personal Gemini capsule has been down for a few weeks now. I'd like to try finding (non-self-)hosting for it this weekend, possibly with My patience for server admin is pretty limited these days, there always seem to be unanticipated headaches regarding setting the daemon going, poor documentation of configuration, unclear troubleshooting process, etc. As a skillset made of many narrow avenues of knowledge, people often don't seem to pass it on the way they do eg coding.

came across a "productivity" founder guy on birdsite and it got me wondering if "become highly productive" is replacing "get rich quick" as servility to capital slowly replaces capital accumulation as the noblest pursuit attainable to most humans.
"productive" in 21st century context has a certain altruism around it, a monastic quality.
who are their gods?

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Before she can bring it down on his head, "Larry" proves that he was only faking to get rid of Duke, by cooing like a love-struck pigeon.

No WAD Wednesday today. See you next week.

Can anyone recommend a good Gemini server suitable for hosting a personal capsule on a Raspberry Pi? Two months ago I got mine up and running with gmnisrv but it's been going down more and more lately, my server admin experience is limited and I'd rather use a server I have a clearer idea how to debug.

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politics, fediverse moderation 

Might be a good idea to keep an eye out for the next few weeks. Trump and a bunch of other hard right media figures are getting banned from Twitter and Facebook. Parler and Gab are getting booted from Google Play and likely the App Store, too. That's going to shake out a lot of fashies. They'll be looking for new digital spaces where they can recruit and coordinate, and some of them may land on fediverse servers. Keep your guard up.

Hi folks, I don't know if it will be a positive welcome distraction for anyone but I'm gonna go ahead and do a normal WAD Wednesday tonight, in about 40 minutes at 7pm PST:

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"with all due respect" declares a variable but does not initialize it

The final WAD Wednesday of 2020 starting in about 50 minutes, at 7pm PST:

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