"If the customer takes one thing away from this ad, it should be that our burgers fuck" youtu.be/qftqYCk4Xxg

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Recent base building adventures:
1) "The Cave" - glass cubes grow out from a snowy mountainside fissure, and down into its vast system of caves. galacticatlas.nomanssky.com/me
2) Couldn't resist an underwater base after everything Abyss added. Landing platform in the middle of the torrid planet Onton's ocean, enter via dramatic drop down ~100m of glass tube. galacticatlas.nomanssky.com/me

The Quarrymen definitely have one of the weirdest of these "which band members were active when" wikipedia charts:

"David Byrne as some kind of cyberguy in the Timothy Leary Neuromancer game that never happened" awareness/appreciation thread

Lots of pre-1990 games that could be disassembled and fully reverse-engineered with reasonable effort but PS1-PS2 era games are largely too complex for this. So with a few exceptions like DDR there are no viable reimplementations of these classic subgenre-defining works, games that people would definitely make amazing mods for if it were as easy as, say, Doom or OpenXcom.

Some games I wish were open source:
- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: the definitive Metroidvania framework, huge pile of odd special cases eg peanuts that fly up into the air on use. I want to see all the wild stuff they did on this.
- Katamari Damacy: this game deserves to run on PC and have 1000s of fun user created maps.
- Rez: same as above, plus cool beat-quantized feedback code. Could maybe be recreated as a new spline+timeline-centric toolset in an existing engine reasonably easily.

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@jplebreton osm actually has some tags that let people define 3d shapes of buildings, and some software takes advantage of that. my favorite is the one at demo.f4map.com/. sure, it's not satellite-photo generated, and most buildings are just rendered as extruded polygons, but some have some very neat detail.

here's a church nearby in the process of being totally rebuilt. i love maps a lot and i enjoy exploring places in this way. it's just a shame that this massive beautiful 3D dataset is owned by a corporation. openstreetmap.org is great for 2D maps though and you should use it!

here's another shot of the floating bus-nugget. an odd little fragment of triangulated point cloud data, sampled from low Earth orbit and wrapped in satellite-sourced texture map. a computer mistake.

love how google maps imaging has turned this stretch of freeway into a smudgy river of half-dissolved vehicles, with a floating tech bus-nugget

If I live to be 70 I'll have saved about 3 minutes saying "choppers" instead of "helicopters" all my life. Hell yeah.

this game looks like such an overcomplicated chore to play, and i genuinely appreciate that mobygames.com/game/dos/mystic-

two recent things about game design i enjoyed:
1) mapper Wraith777 made cool diagrams to describe abstract Doom level flow doomworld.com/forum/topic/1005
2) The Digital Antiquarian's "Ten Great Adventure-Game Puzzles" filfre.net/2018/11/ten-great-a

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shout out to the small rectangle of intense golden light that drifts along my bedroom wall for a few minutes on certain mornings

vote, yes,
speak out
AND, above all,
for a more just world

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