My boxed version of SIGIL isn't supposed to arrive until tomorrow but I think I'm gonna go ahead and stream the digital download version (which still has the soundtrack etc) in about an hour, at 2:45pm PST:

Floor plans of old Japanese game development studios, sketched from memory by the devs:
This is a treasure. I should do this for the places I've worked, before my brain erases em Johnny Mnemonic style.

Spent a bit more time on this planet, the non-oceanic bits are quite nice in places. Sometimes a bit of masked simplex noise turns the floating islands into a beautiful squiggle that's fun to climb.
Portal glyphs:

First spotted by its antenna protruding from the ocean surface about halfway through the voyage, the vast wreck of the Kesen Tanker lay deep below. Apparently its crew knew the end was coming.

Inspired by another player's oceanic voyage ( ) I found a planet with nice big oceans, picked points on opposing land masses, and made the journey in my Nautilon. The visible-from-space distance took about 40 minutes of travel, so a much longer voyage would be quite doable.
This planet's many hovering islands intersect interestingly with its oceans, creating a sense that they float. Also some cool sea life encounters: apex predators hunting, and hostile glow-jellies.

Ocarina of Time Bingo:
I really like this idea and wish it could be applied to all kinds of games, but it really is best suited to a big nonlinear speedrun-friendly adventure with optional quests, significant skips etc.

One challenge is that a huge amount of the resources invested in tooling today happens around the two big commercial game engines, which don't really care about being able to target cheap, weak hardware (and their editors running on it is totally out of the question). A new wave of homebrew engines and tools has been gathering for the past ~5 years, but it still has a ways to go before its energy can change things in a big way.

I really, really wish OUYA had had different people in charge of its platform vision and marketing. If they'd pointed it squarely at homebrewers, it would've given backers and players much healthier expectations, and I think it'd still be thriving today.

Raspberry Pi or any of the other hobbyist boards could be a component of this, but is not this by itself. i guess a system like PICO-8 can basically create its own platform atop almost anything else (web, desktop PC, mobile, tiny hobbyist PC).

boutique handheld discourse has me really wishing there was a homebrew platform that excelled at:
- cheap, widely available, open (as much as possible) hardware
- SDK + simulator that runs on anything
- large community of people hacking on it & sharing knowledge
- diverse, welcoming culture that views games as an art form, doesn't care about the boundary between "game" and other stuff

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if you're a cis USian, give a thought, a word, or a dollar this coming memorial day to all of the people your government is trying to kill for not being the right kind of gender.

remember when a bunch of open source projects adopted codes of conduct and the free speech of badass rockstar 10X programmers was trammeled unjustly, preventing them from being their true brilliant selves and grinding the productivity of all such projects to a halt? haha me neither, a lot of people just felt a little safer and more welcome to contribute.

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General Mills is backing Chex Quest once again!
New official re-release (with a third episode) here:
The Official History of Chex Quest video:

WAD Wednesday happening at the regular time today, in about 30 minutes at 7pm PST:

Been too worn out in the evenings lately to do much on spare time projects or play games, so we've been watching lots of Deep Space 9. Season 4 has been quite good so far! This episode about labor organizing was great:

Boring: I switched to Antergos from Ubuntu in 2015 because I was sick of how much of a pain it was to get the latest versions of software (at the time, OBS) from PPAs vs rolling release plus AUR which makes locally compiled installs a sane thing to do.

Damn, I guess the Linux distro I use on my home desktop is shutting down:
Basically it'll function like a normal Arch install from this point on, which is as graceful a failure mode as I could ask for.

@revenant hi, i was going to add a line to the in-game credits for WadSmoosh for omgifol, what name should i credit you under, and any others that should be included?

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