Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Ones Who Hate to See It"

This is one of the oldest images in my archive of desktop wallpapers, from September 2006 - one of the first I used as I was switching to Linux as my primary home OS. I think it was included with a GNOME release? It's titled "Cromado".
I liked that it seemed like a photograph that had been heavily blurred (gaussian?) and for the next year or so I'd try blurring different photos I'd take with my tiny cheap digital camera, to see if they looked nice as wallpapers.

Just finished 63 Up, the most recent and possibly final installment. It's been moving watching these 7-year-old kids grow up, go through middle age, and grow old, talk about their life's triumphs and regrets intercut with footage of them from the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc.
I've found the director-interviewer to be pretty tactless at times, but the scope of what he's done with the series is undeniable. It definitely gets one thinking about time and mortality and the course of one's life and all that.

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No WAD Wednesday this evening. See you next week.

Considering asking about multiple indentation levels in lists (via something like "# of asterisks = indent level") on the Gemini mailing list. I've been writing text in Gemini format for about a month now, and it's the one thing I'm missing. I was a strict plaintext adherent for years and am fine without <b>, <i> etc, whereas being able to define a multi-level hierarchy of items is an irreplaceable tool for organizing text, IMO. Also clients are free to disregard it with no impact on legibility.

COVID tracing technology 

So California has an official COVID contact tracing app, and I'm wondering whether it's worth a damn. schneier.com/blog/archives/202
I live in small apartment in a dense urban area, and both my bed and my work desk are 6-8 feet from (and one story above) a busy sidewalk that hundreds of people walk down each day. This app asks for GPS & bluetooth permissions. How does it not give me constant false positives from people I'm never actually "near"?

instance block rec 

social dot "QuodVerum" dot com. looks like one of those chud instances of gab adjacent people. lots of posting about "election fraud" at the moment.

My NMS excursions have been a bit aimless lately, I'm not sure what is exciting to do right now. I fall back on galaxy-hopping, reaching Ijsenufryos, the 35th galaxy. Most of the planets here are constantly scoured by extreme storms and hostile sentinels, but I find moments of peace: a starbase balanced on some planet's ring like a spinning top, a quiet anomaly world with more of those sweet mechanical beasties, bathawks wheeling in a bleary sky I won't see again.

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The game they're playing looks like some sort of taxi service simulator. It may well be impossible to find out anything more about this game from information on the internet, but I have a few backburner mysteries like this, and I'm content to forget about it until some day I might stumble across more information.

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It was aimed mainly at the education and business markets, which is probably why I hadn't heard of it. As far as I can tell through web searching, the LINK 480Z doesn't have any emulators, and no one has archived its software. This page attempts a comprehensive listing of the software that was available for it, which seems mostly business and higher education focused, with only a few things that seem like they could be games aimed at children: vt100.net/rm/software/

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In "28 Up", set in 1985, one of the subjects is teaching at a school in London's East End, and there's a brief glimpse of some students playing a computer game. I'm usually pretty good at identifying old systems and software in situations like this, but I had no idea what this thing was, and I love a good mystery. This frame gave me the best lead: it's a Z80-based UK micro called the LINK 480Z.

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I've been watching the "Up" documentary series recently, in which a documentarist has visited with specific people every 7 years, starting at age 7 in 1964. I'm currently up to "49 Up", filmed in 2005.
It's been a powerful thing to watch unfold and I have many thoughts on it.

graphics demos for the Acorn Atom: a possibly-untitled one listed simple as "Graphics", and "Pyramide"

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A lot of my software decisions these days are made by looking in the issue tracker, not the documentation, and I’m not looking for errors. I’m looking for how human interactions are valued and managed.

WAD Wednesday starting an hour and change later than usual, in about 2 hours at 8:15pm PST: twitch.tv/jplebreton

I added a page on No Man's Sky to my Gemini capsule: gemini://gem.vectorpoem.com/nm
From the project log update about it:
"[travelogue] is heavy on screenshots; so much of the
game's appeal is about the visual journeys. This page here is more of an information and idea dump. Not sure what immediate use it is to anyone but it feels like the kind of thing someone would have put on a Geocities page back in 1997, and that's the exact spirit with which I'm trying to build my presence here :]"

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very strong 80s look on the cover of Jane Wiedlin's (The Go-Go's) first solo album

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