Anyone working with / have thoughts about Solid? The pro-business language makes me a bit nervous that long-term this could just become another system defined by corporate rent-seeking but the tenet of personal data autonomy sounds nice at least.

I've learned to mistrust the business-speak, as well as the "one solution to everything!!!" mentality. That said, there is merit in the idea that your data is YOURS, your property as well as your responsibility. I think this product could play a role in helping people detach from data-helplessness. But the one-solution and cult-of-personality approach does suggest another type of eventual vulnerability.

@jplebreton i want to see what it actually gets used for before i get too excited. like, is it the sort of thing you could use to build fake twitter?

i can't tell what it is yet, because everything that exists is marketing or specs and i don't have the patience for either

@jplebreton my main thought is that if we're going to move to any new method of web hosting, it should be one of the ones that includes torrent-style hosting sharing on the part of visitors, for the sake of preserving content if the original host disappears, and for alleviating hosting costs if something takes off

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