Finally made it to the No Man's Sky Galactic Hub (PC, Euclid galaxy). It's very cool, practically an entire player-built city! I kinda want to claim a base in a high-visibility area and build something cool...

@jplebreton How fast are other bases loading for you? For NEXT, I decided to switch from PC to focus on PS4 (made it to the hub in both), but maaaan, visiting others' bases in PS4 is a slideshow, even small bases.

@richjoslin I didn't see any slowdown and only a wee bit of pop-in on my PC. Intel i5-3570K, 16GB RAM, Nvidia 1060 3GB

@jplebreton OK I think it's just New Lennon thats overwhelmed and slow. Bases on other planets are loading fine. Ah well, they are making a lot of progress with the game still.

@jplebreton I'm still in the early grinding phase :/ that looks awesome

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