Despite how many times I've grown disenchanted with Doctor Who over the years, I really liked 13's premiere. Eager to see where she goes.
"When people need help, I never refuse" is a good thing for a hero to say in 2018.

She was very easygoing in this one, good chemistry with the new companions. It would be nice to at some point have a moment where she becomes genuinely angry over something important, and everyone takes that very seriously. I can already tell she'll be brilliant, but I'm more invested than usual in how her world will react to that.

@jplebreton Same here. I grew tired of the show during the last seasons, but Jodie Whitaker as the new Doctor and Moffat *finally* quitting as showrunner may draw me back to it.

This first episode was pretty decent anyway, so I guess I'll keep watching for at least one more season. :]

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