love how google maps imaging has turned this stretch of freeway into a smudgy river of half-dissolved vehicles, with a floating tech bus-nugget

here's another shot of the floating bus-nugget. an odd little fragment of triangulated point cloud data, sampled from low Earth orbit and wrapped in satellite-sourced texture map. a computer mistake.


here's a church nearby in the process of being totally rebuilt. i love maps a lot and i enjoy exploring places in this way. it's just a shame that this massive beautiful 3D dataset is owned by a corporation. is great for 2D maps though and you should use it!

@jplebreton osm actually has some tags that let people define 3d shapes of buildings, and some software takes advantage of that. my favorite is the one at sure, it's not satellite-photo generated, and most buildings are just rendered as extruded polygons, but some have some very neat detail.

@impiaaa @jplebreton yeah.

there's also some custom buildings they made, mostly for famous buildings and mostly in paris, where the devs are from, but they can be disabled.

@jplebreton I really want to use the glitch 3D models from it for a project but there's no way to extract them 😠

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