Finally decided that since black hole roulette no longer works, 120k LY from the Galactic Hub is close enough to say "F it, road trip it is". First refueling stop was an uncharted blue star with a planet called simply "Peggy", that was classified as a "Vile Anomaly". Constant pinkish rain and some moderately curious stripey creatures, but I don't see what's so vile about it. Onward...

Only about 20k LY left to the Hub - this has gone far quicker than expected!
I use The Porcelain Grasshopper for long trips like this, an A-class Explorer that gets about 1090 LY per warp * 20 warps on a full tank.
Along the way, it's the quietest places that compel me to linger a moment. A brilliant purple system, uncharted and undiscovered til today, with a single, massive, dreary planet. Just me and a few scissor-tailed birds that remind me of Texas.

And before I know it, I'm there. Gain's Folly on TopOfTheTree3, the "portal system" people can visit (but not settle) via portal, as I had a few weeks ago before deciding on this adventure.
I wasn't sure if civilization would fade in gradually the way it does in a real-life road trip, with gas stations and suburbs slowly rising up into cityscape. But this is a universe of instantaneous warp travel, and grand structures appearing overnight.

So many places I can explore from here, now that I have a proper foothold in the Hub. I visited the capital world, New Lennon, but a server error prevented me from seeing anyone's bases. I at least got to admire the scenery and meet a famous local creature, the 6.5m tall Jade Hood Diplo.

There are plenty of bases built for obvious utility, like this Gamma Weed farm which glows pleasantly at night.
In a nice stroke of Fully Automated Luxury Communism game design, harvesting crops is entirely client-side (separate copies of a given plant in each player's game) so building a farm is like opening a giant free buffet to all visitors. It's not uncommon to find notes of gratitude left by visitors.
It is nice to exist within a community with such values.

But I also appreciate how little sense other bases make, how little they care to explain themselves. This large, intricate underwater base on a torrid ocean planet meanders like a maze, without clear purpose, downward to the sea floor.

Spent some time today spiffing up the base I'd claimed on Gain's Folly. If you have all the portal glyphs you can visit it at ; as you crest the hill just past the portal see the last image for where I am on the skyline. Enjoy the panoramic view, sit a spell on the rooftop couch, help yourself to the motorcycle and all the Frostwort (glass) in the farm domes.

(BTW base is visible on PC version, Euclid galaxy, Normal difficulty)
It's interesting how building even a few tall things creates a skyline that others may in turn seek to have a nice hilltop view of. The dynamics of land grabs in digital spaces have likely been well-studied in older "virtual worlds" but I wonder how different they are here in NMS where there's effectively infinite space to build. We still want to be near others - to share, to show off, to sign the guestbook.

At the heart of the New Arcadia base is a mighty specimen of L. Frostliateum, one of the largest plants native to Gain's Folly. As soon as I selected the base's site I decided I was going to build around this plant rather than chop it down. In general, I'm very interested building bases that harmonize with the native landscape as much as possible within the constraints of NMS's building mode.

@jplebreton this is pretty much my wife's approach to Minecraft - she was most impressed with the work of César Manrique when we visited Lanzarote who believed in the principle that buildings should meld with nature, not fight it.


@ElectronDance ahh fantastic, hadn't heard of him. thanks!

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