2018 was the year I concluded that any system whose purpose is to measure, capture, and monetize human attention is immoral and inevitably leads to the erosion of the commons and society itself. In 2019 I'm committed to helping dismantle these systems by all possible means.
Concretely this means supporting nonprofit alternatives like mastodon, blocking all ad tracking (sorry, people whose livelihoods have been captured by that industry), and doing whatever most damages the attention industry.

@jplebreton I see where your going with this, commend it however you have extrapolated the cause from the root, given enough time even Mastodon will find itself heading down the same path as Facebook, Google or Twitter (never say never) I'm pretty sure the current extrapolated result of each of these was not the dream or the original elevator pitch. What would be far more adventurous to the industry would be how do you stop a Mastodon becoming a Twitter ?

@mightywomble @jplebreton It's impossible for Mastodon to become like Facebook or Twitter, but it *is* possible for Mastodon to become like email with Google and Microsoft having a large chuck of the userbase.

But then, it is still possible for various Fediverse services to become consumed by the Data Mining motivation, but because of ActivityPub as a back end I would hope it would be more resistant.

@lesbianhacker @mightywomble This is why I think the real goal should be to invalidate and uproot the entire adtech business model, anything people create the big companies would be able to coopt and extinguish (XMPP).

@jplebreton @mightywomble
Convenience often is more important to people than security. Of course, I think that it's pretty simple to mine data from ActivityPub services. You might not get as much data (IP addresses, emails) but all this information is Out There

@lesbianhacker @jplebreton in most cases I think your absolutely right, convenience wins, I am back on WhatsApp because trying to have my family understand the implications of using it was like herding cats.. life's just too damned short.

I also think that mastodon is now and has the future potential to end up just like twitter/Facebook neither of those were datamining the way they do now for a long time, it's investor driven.

@mightywomble @jplebreton
If investors take over an instance then people can switch instances. It's exactly like email in this regard. That doesn't mean people *will* change instances, but the ability to switch (and still communicate with people who don't!) is why I insist that it won't end up like FB or twitter.

And Facebook was absolutely an awful mess from the start.

@mightywomble @lesbianhacker We'll always be fighting a losing battle against the Facebooks of the world - and convincing their users, eg our non technical family members etc - in terms of consumer convenience. We have to frame it in terms of ethics. These business models are unethical and do real damage to society; they are the fossil fuels of social communication (and thus social change) processes.

The good news is that it’s already done, Mastodon can’t become Twitter because there isn’t a single commercial entity controlling a closed-source piece of software. And even if Mastodon somehow turned to shit, it’s using a standard protocol that allows other social networks to communicate with Mastodon accounts, which makes moving out of Mastodon less of a hassle because you can keep all your contacts.

@hypolite sorry, when words like can't and impossible are bounded around in this thread I smile, someone once told me it would be impossible for Microsoft to embrace Linux/Opensource.. it's pure self indulgence to make a statement like that. if someone wants to start adding the code and data mining software it will be done. ok today no, however Devs gotta eat. I appreciate your stance my personal opinion is it's shortsighted. #sorry

I gave you three reasons why it is extremely unlikely to happen and if it does happen, the switch away would be easier, where's the self-indulgence?

@jplebreton I'm starting to work towards that myself, starting with Google at least.

@jplebreton I think not enough has been written or recognised about how the commercial aspects of software, particularly advertising, corrodes and obstructs human relationships. For example, because of algorithmic timelines it can be easy to miss what your friends are saying because their posts are not considered important enough by the algorithm or are crowded out by ads. It's also much harder to get a sense of what's happening now on sites like Twitter, because the chronology is all mixed up.
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