Gonna start an image blog of incredibly passive videogame enemies. Creatures that are simply minding their beez like the regular size frogs in Pitfall 2 that do nothing but hop back and forth on the same spot.

@jplebreton if you shoot a Yorp in Commander Keen you should go to jail.

@jplebreton Explicitly enemies, or non-hostile/ambient creatures as well?

@Cheeseness Explicitly enemies I guess, though many times it's ambiguous. Probably not going to actually do this just liked the idea.

@jplebreton The crab/turtle/meant-to-be-a-flying-insect thing from the Amiga version of Another World sprung to mind, but since its deadliness was never implemented, it's entirely passive.

@jplebreton Goombas in Mario Bros don't really seem interested in you.

Now that I think of it, most Mario enemies don't, even the ones that attack. They rarely aim at you. I guess this is because the game is a platformer first and foremost, so the attacks are just more stuff to jump over.

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