After almost two and a half years of use with no issues, it looks like my Nexus 6P phone has entered a quasi-bricked "boot loop" state, a known issue with this model that was discovered about a year after it launched. I'd heard about it but thought I was in the clear since I'd made it this far without ever seeing it.
It's over a year out of warranty, and the XDA community-provided fix - to limit the device to only using 4 of its cores - doesn't seem to work.
Extremely pissed.

In general, it's super depressing how poor the knowledge base and culture around mobile phone troubleshooting is. So many accounts of people heating up their phones with hair dryers, putting them in the freezer for a bit - which *sometimes*, I suppose, could actually fix something, but it's so incredibly unscientific and so few people have any of the real knowledge needed to debug the actual issues. Nearly everything on these locked down devices is a black box, and superstition rules the day.

For Android, half the troubleshooting resources aren't even about fixing things on actual phones, but *getting the correct drivers and dev tools installed* so you can even interact with the device. It's layers upon layers of the dismal ramifications of consumer-hostile decisions by platform owners. I've been using Android for 8+ years and ran custom ROMs on my two previous phones and I still wouldn't say I have any real useful knowledge about how the platform works and how to fix issues with it.

update: got one last boot outta this phone by doing the least scientific solution of all the ones i came across - sticking it in a ziploc bag in the freezer for 15 minutes! what a hunk o junk.


mfw i realize my phone that was designed to fail after a few years was literally called "Nexus 6"

@jplebreton I think they skipped it to avoid IP lawsuits.

@drwho @jplebreton As I recall, the Dick estate was pissed when Google named their phone line "Nexus". As I recall, they worked something out, but even so, there's not a "Nexus 6" phone, there's a "Nexus 6X" or a "Nexus 6P".

Of course, not long after this, Google started getting pissy about people putting the word "droid" in their app's name. Sooooo, yeah.

@logomancer @drwho @jplebreton There absolutley was a nexus 6. I had one. The year after that there was a 5x and a 6p.

@jplebreton need one of those deep fakes of his face on the guy from the wire realizing stuff meme

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