Follow "Esh's Aurunmilla", an animated FMV laserdisc game from 1983 I'd never heard of. The protagonist's constant non-lipsync'd ad-libbing reminds me of the old Fleischer Popeye cartoons.

Deeper down the laserdisc game rabbit hole, "Freedom Fighter" I saw a couple times in the Aladdin's Castle arcade at North East Mall in NRH Texas circa 1986. A forum post claims there are only 4 of these machines left. Apparently it's reused footage from an anime called Galaxy Express 999.

The common practice of repurposing really dynamic action clips from some turn-of-the-80s anime, stripped of all narrative context, made the attract modes for these games (Bega's Battle being a more well known example) an absolute psychic barrage for any 7 year old kid who's wandering into an arcade and having only seen conventional raster games up to that point. "Are... are games cartoons now?", I remember wondering.

@jplebreton 4:00 onwards has got to be the pinnacle of unscripted voice acting

"GO! Alright I uh, AAAH– this next one w-AAAAA"

@jplebreton I had the weird experience of seeing Cliff Hanger in the arcade (and even playing it a little), then many years later, on a Miyazaki bender after watching Spirited Away, seeing Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro for the first time and recognizing the clips that Cliff Hanger used.

I've also spoken to other people who had the same experience.

@jplebreton I think it was ported to one of the home disc-based consoles, I've seen RetroPals play it on stream before, but I can't find the video now…

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