Just started a small new project: a bare bones IWAD (main resource file) for making standalone games with GZDoom. This makes it so you can build something with GZDoom - probably the most advanced, feature-rich, quickly evolving Doom port - without needing to own any of the Doom games, or be beholden to Doom's genre or design.
More info in the TODO list:

This is extremely cool, thank you for doing this!
I assume it's possible to bundle the resulting wad with gzdoom so we can ship "unzip and double-click exe" finished games?


@emptyfortress that's definitely the goal, i think a tiny change on the GZDoom source side would be required to get it to recognize minimal.ipk3 as an out-of-the-box-supported IWAD, once i'm certain of the soundness of this approach (and have chosen a final name) i was going to discuss it with GZDoom's devs.

Thanks for that! If it's a simple fix you can still distribute a patch file in the meantime, I'd happily build and distribute the fixed version (along with instructions on how to package and distribute a game)

@emptyfortress Thanks! The project is still in a very early state and not quite ready to be promoted and distributed widely, I'll let you know as soon as it is getting there.

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