even if you'd be happiest making stuff in a cave and talking only to close friends, online society under platform capitalism expects you to build a brand, have an audience, have a community, be an ~entrepreneur~. it's all a trap, but it needs you to feel like it's the only way you can survive.

mh--, platform capitalism 

mh--, platform capitalism 

@jplebreton even if you do have a brand, that’s not enough. I run a Facebook page with the sole purpose to direct people to a website and twitter feed for an artist (not a freelancer — has a full time job). They aren’t on Facebook. But I get emails from FB weekly or more, demanding I make posts for more hashtag audience engagement, despite it being exactly as I want it, a redirection page allowing me to keep an eye on mentions.

@jplebreton the fun part is that people who buy into it propagate it, so you get to where you can’t show people the things you make for the joy of it without hearing all about how you could monetize it, because what is there better to do with joy than turn it into money, right?

@alexis That concept of "turning joy into money" is a really potent descriptor of capitalism tbh

@jplebreton Yeah, I've been feeling this fairly intensely over the past few months. Great thread. 👍

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