It's only on screen for a few frames, but Araki's name in the final intro for Diamond is Unbreakable is done in unmistakable sick-ass Roger Dean Yes album lettering

@jplebreton nice. is it good so far? guess i should watch it soon. not a huge JoJo's fan but stardust crusaders was fun enough.

@gatewave Diamond is Unbreakable is vastly better than any previous JoJo's arc, IMO. (this is a relatively widely held opinion, if i'm not mistaken.) So yeah definitely recommended.

@jplebreton awesome, get hype

lookin' forward to some fashionable-ass queerness

@gatewave Without spoiling anything important, part 5 aka Golden Wind aka Vento Aureo is *intensely* fashionable-ass queerness. The core cast is 100% genderfucky fashion.

@jplebreton @gatewave part 4 is the best arc of jojo's that has been animated by far, though 7 is even better in manga form.

@darius @gatewave Started watching JoJo a few months ago and have been listening to the cast since then, it's a very enjoyable and illuminating companion good job y'all!

@darius part 7 is another level, super queer but the religious-political cabal is...a lot @jplebreton @gatewave

@lichen @jplebreton @gatewave I think part 7 is where he masters the technical art and form of comics! The panel compositions alone are just some of the most brilliant work I've ever seen

@jplebreton cool. and oh shit, i didn't know part 5 was animated yet, much less fully released. god, 39 eps each. that's a fuckin' job.

ah, i see 6 is the one with the female protag. lookin' forward to seeing what that's like too.

@gatewave there is apparently this blog which tracks whether part 6 animated has been confirmed yet: isstoneoceanconfirmod.tumblr.c
i don't know anything about it other than "first lady jojo" though i might start reading the manga (fan translations are all that's available for part 5 onward, iirc)

@jplebreton oh i thought it was confirmed (for April 2020) based on googlin!

just the title

this one shows animation?

@jplebreton quite probably i'm not reading closely enough.

@gatewave that first video seems to be informed speculation, but fairly plausible. the second animation could be faked, or yeah maybe it's a leak but that's not exactly confirmation.
apparently there were a few delays and shortcuts during the production of part 5; i don't follow things closely enough to know if the studio is still on track. as with anything with years-long lead times, general timeframe seems safe to assume but delays and even cancellations happen.

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