@jplebreton That's a fun fact. Do you now the reason for this number?

@2en fewer polygons = less work for the graphics hardware, and this was running on original Xbox hardware circa 2002. this was probably the budget they arrived at by testing and seeing how much detail was required to convey their art style VS how many people they needed to convey a crowd scene.

@jplebreton Interesting. I've always thought that constraints on graphics hardware led to more aesthetic visual design because developers couldn't fall back on "realism" to have a distinctive art style. JSRF is certainly a landmark title in terms of art direction in video games. It's a beautiful game that I can still clearly imagine today, and I haven't touched an original Xbox in years.

@2en In many cases technical constraints did lead to different aesthetics, but there are just as many cases where a team was excited about a particular aesthetic and then worked as cleverly as they could within their tech constraints to make it happen. It's a push-pull, give and take kind of thing. I agree JSRF is beautiful and timeless.

@jplebreton I really should consider playing that game. I have 4 OG xboxes hooked up but have never played that game. :/

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