a lot of things in TLOU2 are objective technical marvels but i cant separate it in my mind from the abusive labor practices that created them. i just cant!

call me a commie but i think if having cool rope physics meant a programmer had to sleep under their desk for 5 months... maybe it isnt worth it?

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@dankwraith it's definitely not. an indie team could focus on that specific thing in a way that's actually mechanically meaningful instead of just showing off, and probably have better quality of life while doing so. the point of AAA excess is to deepen the appetite for spectacles of capital and labor that cannot be produced in humane circumstances, thus aestheticizing and justifying the existence of these inhumane structures.

@jplebreton @dankwraith damn, this is the best phrasing I've heard for an argument against AAA.

I totally agree, just saying kudos for fitting all that into so few characters.

@tychi @dankwraith To be clear I think even in a humane, fully postcapitalist society people would still be impressed by and want to look at things that took lots of labor. I don't want to lose people by making this argument that it's bad to want to look at wonders. Just to stress that we can make them out of blood and misery or something else. But we'll have to fight, are fighting for, that world.

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