This week I did a pretty good job of being a grownup. Filed my taxes, and migrated all my Mercurial code repos off Bitbucket, who will be dropping and deleting all hg support on July 1st, and onto @heptapod hosting which after some research best meets my needs - I didn't want to switch to git. Heptapod has a very convenient "Import from BitBucket" function for projects and, being built atop Gitlab, a familiar interface.

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Just really relieved to know that 1) I don't owe thousands of $$s in tax I wasn't expecting to (one year a while back I got slaughtered and have had a visceral anxiety about it ever since), 2) the last 11 years of my solo projects aren't going to be deleted suddenly. Feel like I should treat myself to something.

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10 years ago I bought a Das Keyboard Model S and while it still works fine and feels good to type on, I really regret getting the blank keycaps for all the times someone besides me tried to use my computer. Also aesthetically it's just totally not my thing anymore.
Very few things get my consumerist impulse itching but seeing all the beautiful colorful stuff people are doing with mechanical keyboards nowadays does.

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I particularly like the retro look of keycaps with a nice big center-printed legend. Something that evokes a C64 or UNIX terminal but is really humane to use and pleasant to look at.

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Haven't looked at keyboard stuff much lately but I did order one of these "switch testers" that come with a variety pack of individual switches and keycaps, so you can see how each one feels. It's neat to figure out one's preferences! I've been using the Cherry Browns for 10 years and they still feel pretty good to me. Other options include something clicky (would the noise get to me? dunno) or something with a more pronounced "tactile bump".

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@jplebreton ooof those look really good. Maybe I should look at keyboards. I'm all like el cheapo Microsoft curve at the moment

@jplebreton yeah these are nice, I also enjoy the beige and muted colors.

@jplebreton i don't make a lot of impulse luxury purchases but i have never once regretted the fancy mechanical keyboard, fully recommend

@jplebreton Next big luxury purchase is going to be a new keyboard, and I agree with all of this

You're going down a very expensive road

Also, yes I love those keycaps too, and the wooden frame is gorgeous

@jplebreton I love the blue switches and the noise they make. However, people around me don't... so it's browns + additional dampening rings for me.

@jplebreton I had the same urge and also hadn't bought a mech since a das in 2009, got a keychron k4 because I wanted a cheapish 96-key layout with Bluetooth and decent aesthetics and it's got a few knocks against it (cheapish caps, a little tall) but seeing as it's like the only thing in that niche I wanted I'm pretty happy with it

@jplebreton They really should allow you to buy extra key caps through Das' online store for situations like these. Or if you're like me and tend to lose shit sometimes lolz

@jplebreton As someone who's used Mercurial longer, but mostly Git lately because it's everywhere, I wonder why you didn't want to switch?

@touk I find git's user interface concepts needlessly obtuse and I still sometimes have to look stuff up when I interact with someone's depot. All my projects are solo, with only very occasional, extremely easy to merge contributions from anyone else, so most of git's power is not useful to me. Mercurial "just works" for me and I kind of resented BB's acquiescence to git's eating the world.

@jplebreton Gotcha, very much my experience too. Hg, simpler, fine for solo projects. Git, more powerful for teams/public at the cost of complexity / learning curve.

@jplebreton @heptapod I'm still mad about git (and github) becoming the dominant VCS (and hosting solution for all open source)

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