Competing software aesthetics within the "open source" umbrella:
- lean, mean, a joy to use. the dream.
- hosted on sourceforge, hasn't updated in 11 years, except to upgrade Boost every few months.
- "customizability", ie preferences screen a giant hell-salad of every conceivable option.
- zero documentation. codebase totally uncommented. are you cool enough to use this? no.
- completely bespoke UI system that manages to work OK even if it sticks out on your desktop and kinda breaks ur brain.

@jplebreton I found one of my repos earlier today. it has a name, but is entirely empty :)

@jplebreton okay but that last one also shows up in commercial software if it's for sufficiently esoteric things

PLC simulation is in a really sorry state

and many EDA suites are obnoxious

@jplebreton (we might be a little frustrated with the state of things)


Combining two of these aesthetics to get: "Customizability", ie a config file somewhere on your hard drive that could be in one of 30 location depending on distro choice and install method, and zero documentation of all options available to be added to it, instead of a preferences dialog.
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