Follow This was unexpected... a masto/twitter-like service cobbled from the Matrix framework. Diversity of approaches seems good, and this is coming from outside the ActivityPub-based sphere. Very curious as to what the social consequences of a mainstreamed version of "reputation feeds" would be.

@jplebreton "existing Matrix clients, who will see one room per thread and a flattened chronological view of the thread itself (unless the client natively supports MSC2836" That's a pretty amazing idea to get the two interaction paradigms to coexist. It's going to require new tooling around listing and selecting rooms, though, as they end up with thousands of rooms per person.

@jplebreton @Canageek This looks really cool! I'll have to give it a whirl

@jplebreton "cobbled" is sort of unfair imo; "cerulean" itself is an experiment, but they've always been open about matrix being fundamentally about data syncing rather than just messaging. I have no idea if this will or should get off the ground, but I hope it inspires people to do wackier things on top of matrix

@maya oh sure, i didn't think carefully about my use of "cobbled" there and definitely didn't mean anything pejorative by it.

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