Touchscreens were for me a lesson in humbleness: when they were first introduced, I was utterly convinced that they would never take off.

Inspired by the responses to the previous toot, I open the issue: what was you most blatantly wrong technological prophecy?

- I was sure touchscreens would never take off.
- I believed that the idea of registering digital art on the blockchain was ridiculous

@entreprecariat 'I believed that the idea of registering digital art on the blockchain was ridiculous'

What changed your mind?

@rra let's put it like this: I still find it ridiculous, but I can't ignore the economy that NFT and stuff are "generating".

@rra from wp: "The NFT market value tripled in 2020, reaching more than $250 million. During the first quarter of 2021, NFT sales exceeded $2 billion."

@entreprecariat @rra the size of the economy doesn't make it a good idea. NFTs are just very enviromentally unfriendly and basically unenforceable derivatives.

The "unenforceable" part is what makes them a borderline scam.

@rysiek @rra i agree completely on the fact that they're a bad idea, but reality is full of bad ideas and most of them can't be ignored


@entreprecariat @rysiek @rra if your initial conclusion was simply that it was ridiculous, you were absolutely not wrong. after the hype explosion earlier this year the space is now mostly a cesspool of crypto pump-and-dumpers (NFTs help create a smokescreen of legitimacy around crypto in general) with a few diehard artists still begging for attention at the fringes.

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