Touchscreens were for me a lesson in humbleness: when they were first introduced, I was utterly convinced that they would never take off.

Inspired by the responses to the previous toot, I open the issue: what was you most blatantly wrong technological prophecy?

- I was sure touchscreens would never take off.
- I believed that the idea of registering digital art on the blockchain was ridiculous


@entreprecariat Circa 2004 I was reasonably sure that the coming console generation and the jump to HDTV was going to produce a 1983-like market crash. I didn't know enough about the industry or how capital operates in general (ie drinks worker blood and shits money). What did happen though is that lots of smaller independent studios that had thrived in the 80s and 90s died off as they failed to scale to the art production team sizes needed to fill an HD screen/world with content.

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