alternate timeline where archeologists never figured out how the Antikythera mechanism worked because the only written account they ever found in connection to it read, simply, "Newbie? Join our Discord and someone in our community will happily help you get up to speed..."

@jplebreton in fact, this is a big concern for historians and archaeologists. How are their future colleagues 1000 years from now going to access our data? Let's say you have something important that you stored on a floppy disk 20 years ago. That floppy disk will have most likely already degraded so much that any data has become unreadable... Even if that were not the case, where would you find a working floppy disk drive? 1/2

@jplebreton and if you do have a working drive... Do you still have software that can interpret the obsolete file type that you stored that information in? And that's just 20 years. Over 1000 years, the blink of an eye for archaeologists, such problems would multiply exponentially...

@MxAlba I don't know, maybe its for the best that future doesn't find out about now.


@MxAlba @jplebreton

Yes I have three (!) physical, 3.5" disc drives, one active and two more stored well.

Last time I really used it I booted a mini #linux system from it, just for fun, some years ago 😆

@Billie @MxAlba @jplebreton my 3.5" diskettes are fine. What I really need is to find a USB 5.25" floppy drive.

@polychrome @Billie @MxAlba @jplebreton so you can hook it up to something like a Greaseweazle or Kryoflux?

@gnomon @Billie @MxAlba @jplebreton so I can get my files out. Hopefully it won't come to this, but it might.

@polychrome @Billie @MxAlba @jplebreton Check with your local public library. Sometimes they have older devices you can use.

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