reminder to self (& others if useful):
There is a version of your life where you capitalized on every opportunity, spoke the cleverest words every time, salvaged every relationship, cherished each moment as it passed,
and it's all pure fantasy.
You're a creature of meat & bone flying through invisible decision gates with very little available information. Do the best with what you can get and remember you did, later, when the regrets set in. There is no Perfect 100% No Damage run.

[regrets making the videogame references]

@jplebreton thinking about this a lot right now, because of something that happened in my family and it's absolutely true. All you can really do is make sure that you're content with who you are right now and that you alway did what you could. This also means forgiving yourself for mistakes you've made.

@jplebreton also the reason you got the good thing is because you failed and learned elsewhere

@jplebreton That also sounds like a version of yourself that never learns anything, never changes, and never grows. A version that seizes the day but misses the point, maybe.

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