Thinking about that Doom mod where you help people and do things to make them happy, again.

To clarify: this doesn't exist yet, it's an idea I've had simmering for a long time now. You're a Guardian Demon and your job is to find unhappy / hurting monsters in each level and help them by doing little quests. Everyone has a name and an identity.

Interesting experience target is emerging with this: a chill activity that leaves you with a good feeling after a hard day of work, bruising current events, etc. Something gentle and kind in a Hell that is off the clock and no longer cares to be threatening.
Most games help you unplug but leaving people with a better feeling than when they sat down is a challenge.

all of which is to say, lest I molyneux, "craft smoothies for monsters".

This mod is real now, if still in early stages. It's called Mr. Friendly and I gave a brief demo of it last night, check it out:

Been doing a bunch of writing for this lately, once that's all in the whole thing will be alpha-ish and I'll start sharing it more widely. Happy that this idea is finally real, I think some folks will enjoy it.

Mr Friendly, my absurd cozy "talk to the monsters" Doom mod, is now in a playable alpha state. Check it out!

@jplebreton didnt see the rest of the thread but this image alone sold me

@jplebreton i love this so much that i'm going to install a doom for the first time in several years.

@jplebreton this genuinely sounds extremely my thing, I'll probably give it a whirl later today!

@jplebreton It would be a shame if I added Ketchup v5 to the load order.

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