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Vanilla Essence is a very good GZDoom mod that lets you toggle between whatever modern defaults you have and a glorious 1994 look that is as pure as you need it to be, and back, with a single button press.

Here's a shot from the end of a recent (non-speedrun, to be clear) run through all 162 iwad maps using the "full run" mod. Unfortunately I only added all the "misc stats" like distance traveled, damage dealt, and secrets found midway through this playthrough, so I don't have complete stats for that. At some point in the next few years I might live stream a full run, maybe for charity? It's a someday idea.

I updated two of my Doom utilities from a while back: WadSmoosh now includes author credit info for all supported levels, and my Run Tracker mod has a bunch of new capabilities and a new name:

This original painting by Gareth Hinds, some very early concept art for Shock 2, hung above my desk back at Irrational. Such a strange, dramatic mood to it that doesn't feel like anything that ended up in the game.

Japanese System Shock box art awareness/appreciation thread

My HUD informed me there was another player message on the far side of that planet, so I decided to check it out.
Plenty of games let players leave messages for each other, but the essentially infinite size of NMS's world gives them a certain poignance. Every location is a number, , from negative quadrillion to positive quadrillion, and it feels strangely meaningful to know that another person stood at the exact number that you're standing at right now, and chose to mark that moment.

Another settler of the Pilgrim Star system set up "Vy'Kea Home Furnishings no. 5" on a planet neighboring the visitor center I'd built. I felt compelled to leave a message of approval.

"Elephant Memory Systems", possibly the coolest floppy disk branding ever:

Hadn't played in a while, so I decided to find a nice small paradise moon and see how long it would take to drive all the way around it in a Pilgrim exocraft. Answer was about 90 minutes, with relatively frequent stops to look around. Non-moon planets are much, much bigger though, so I'm guessing even a small one would take several hours.
Definitely strengthened my belief that (some) moons need water though, water just makes terrain so much more interesting. There's a wish for the Beyond update.

i'm actually pretty down with "3dfx card makes the rendered scene look as dithered and washed out as possible", could be the next big indie™ aesthetic

Just remembered that the Phantom Lapboard was a thing that existed. You can immediately tell from the photo that it was a bad idea, but it made the thing that some company really wanted (a living room console that ran PC games) theoretically work.
The Phantom Lapboard is an allegory for tech not looking where it leaps. Once you start looking you realize tech is full of them.

When a new type of computery thing appears, everyone gives it the benefit of the doubt because they don't want to look back in 5-10 years and realize they were Steve Ballmer laughing at the iPhone. But I have no reputation or stakes in this crap so I'll just call it now that the "foldable" device is only ever going to be a cool, expensive niche device. It's a product of "what if" R&D without a clear orthogonal use case - it does some things slightly better than a phone, but nothing uniquely well

the most direct inspiration for my 2015 game Endless Ladder Climbing 2 is Enduro for the Atari 2600 from 1983. pretty rad cover art on that one.

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