Finally made it to the Galaxy Donuts location at Wicomico Beach, #16 in a franchise of player-built fast food restaurants. The robots who took my order were very polite.
To my knowledge this is the only Galaxy Donuts on PC, the rest are on PS4. Coordinates to visit:
I ate my imaginary donuts and looked out on the beautiful lake locale - a beach house, some underwater farms. This location especially reminded me of the real-life Pacifica Taco Bell:

Week 2 of unbreathable air here in the Bay Area, and the extreme planets of No Man's Sky are a strangely pleasant escape. The atmosphere of a world with giant, writhing plants rendered absolutely everything sepia - no filter!
Another was a desert of colorful bubbles, with a terminal that rambled vague and unnerving about time travel... I feel like I've been seeing that more and more lately. Maybe HG has something planned for the final weekly event?

Sessue Hayakawa's eyebrows awareness/appreciation thread

Recent base building adventures:
1) "The Cave" - glass cubes grow out from a snowy mountainside fissure, and down into its vast system of caves.
2) Couldn't resist an underwater base after everything Abyss added. Landing platform in the middle of the torrid planet Onton's ocean, enter via dramatic drop down ~100m of glass tube.

The Quarrymen definitely have one of the weirdest of these "which band members were active when" wikipedia charts:

"David Byrne as some kind of cyberguy in the Timothy Leary Neuromancer game that never happened" awareness/appreciation thread

here's a church nearby in the process of being totally rebuilt. i love maps a lot and i enjoy exploring places in this way. it's just a shame that this massive beautiful 3D dataset is owned by a corporation. is great for 2D maps though and you should use it!

here's another shot of the floating bus-nugget. an odd little fragment of triangulated point cloud data, sampled from low Earth orbit and wrapped in satellite-sourced texture map. a computer mistake.

love how google maps imaging has turned this stretch of freeway into a smudgy river of half-dissolved vehicles, with a floating tech bus-nugget

this game looks like such an overcomplicated chore to play, and i genuinely appreciate that

shout out to the small rectangle of intense golden light that drifts along my bedroom wall for a few minutes on certain mornings

if i ever get a wikipedia page please ensure that the photo of me is from like 2010, is taken from at least 20ft away, and uses like 40% quality JPEG compression

There are "uncharted" systems, which have zero settlement of any kind. Exploring these feels like being in nature, quiet and mostly pleasant.
Then there are "abandoned" systems, which have most signs of sentient habitation, but... nobody's around. The quiet here quickly becomes creepy. Trade platforms are usually full of activity, but this abandoned one feels like the Korvax left in a hurry. Like driving through a ghost town, stopping to get out and look around for a bit.

the true star of the new overwatch video

TIL the exit point for every level in Alex Kidd In Miracle World is an onigiri and the map screen always shows Alex enjoying the one from the previous level

I decide to honor the history of this place and create a base called the Pilgrim Star Visitor Center, with a monument to "The Pilgrim of Dudenbeaumodeme". It's very close to the planet's portal, which you can visit with these glyphs:
The visitor center is still a work-in-progress while I stock the gift shop with trinkets. I'd also like to do a hiking trail + historic tour, but limits on player messages mean I'd have to coordinate with many other players. Someday...

The journey to the Pilgrim Star goes quickly, and I soon have an answer as to what the historic planet is like these days: a world of blue grasslands and near constant rain, kinda miserable but pretty in a way. No bases here but a few player messages wondering what's become of the planet, and a few others buried inaccessibly deep beneath the long since regenerated terrain, probably marking some now-vanished base.

The Pilgrim Star is the system where, in the game's very earliest days after release, one player decided to try walking all the way around a planet, using only the stars and a compass as guide. He documented his journey:
It got some news writeups and he streamed the last hour of the journey.
The planet Dudenbeaumodeme has regenerated multiple times since then. But there is still a planet there, and I get to wondering what it's like these days.

The server glitch that was preventing me from seeing player-built bases on New Lennon, the Galactic Hub's capital world, finally righted itself so I toured some bases tonight. It's actually less densely populated than the portal world, Gain's Folly, but bases are more evenly distributed across the planet. New Lennon's portal sits right on a lake, with some lovely views. I wonder if I should build something here.

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