@FimbulFlower I think it's probably possible to use a cross-poster and still have a good feed here, it just takes a little consideration and I'd rather that be a matter of social convention (people unfollow/block out of annoyance) than any more explicit platform handling. But of course instance admins are free to manage that how they see fit.

using a twitter cross-poster and posting a bunch of stuff that people here usually put behind a CW out of courtesy is kinda the masto equivalent of having a loud public phone conversation in a cafe, please put a tiny bit more effort into your presence here.

@sinvega @RobF there are definitely buried treasures all around, and the occasional crashed freighter or ancient ruin with some stuff to dig up.

And it was with his words the courts still spoke, and by his law our lives were deemed valuable or valueless. The fibers of his network still snaked through our walls, sending, never receiving.
The king was gone, but the tower stood, and would never be broken from within.

The king's head was displayed in the square, alongside an account of what had happened. But the black spire from which he had ruled still stood, its jagged shadow sweeping every district once a day. His five hundred viziers, faceless and impune, still ruled from its apex.

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(from botsin.space/@mobyshots/100752 )
There are so many bits of charming, interesting character mode PETSCII art from the first year or two of the Commodore 64's lifespan, when that was the easiest and best understood way of getting graphics on screen.

youtu.be/bgoDkwwpFx0 if this video had gone viral today instead of 7 years ago it would have become its own whole netflix show

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@BrendanSinclair also the Adlib/Sound Blaster version of the end theme youtu.be/TUgoNeH3gl0?t=13m22s is weirdly similar to 1) Alberto Balsalm by Aphex Twin youtube.com/watch?v=ihyQf8mww3 and 2) youtube.com/watch?v=-MtDLRvpx- , both composed later of course. Philippe Vachey is one of my favorite composers from that era and could get great sound out of those FM synth chips. youtu.be/Q62UFv4QiUo?t=54m18s

@BrendanSinclair I actually somehow managed to beat that game back in the day!

@BrendanSinclair I would legit put those purple gargoyle monsters into a Doom mod.

Wore the same pair of shoes today that I wore Sunday, and there's still a decent bit of Marin county trail dust on em. I like being reminded I've had adventures.

playstation classic is really just foil wrapped chocolate, wake up sheeple

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@scanlime I remember seeing that. April of 2016 or so.

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notice to my friends in tech: please do not build parental control software. please consider how the software you’re working on could be used for abuse. please be responsible.

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