Finally made it to the Galaxy Donuts location at Wicomico Beach, #16 in a franchise of player-built fast food restaurants. The robots who took my order were very polite.
To my knowledge this is the only Galaxy Donuts on PC, the rest are on PS4. Coordinates to visit:
I ate my imaginary donuts and looked out on the beautiful lake locale - a beach house, some underwater farms. This location especially reminded me of the real-life Pacifica Taco Bell:

Week 2 of unbreathable air here in the Bay Area, and the extreme planets of No Man's Sky are a strangely pleasant escape. The atmosphere of a world with giant, writhing plants rendered absolutely everything sepia - no filter!
Another was a desert of colorful bubbles, with a terminal that rambled vague and unnerving about time travel... I feel like I've been seeing that more and more lately. Maybe HG has something planned for the final weekly event?

Indiana Jones' rap name is Young Indiana Jones

@anotak Tech moved ridiculously fast in the mid 90s, fairly compelling reasons to throw out tech between hardware generations.

Sessue Hayakawa's eyebrows awareness/appreciation thread

@anotak Double Fine used the same internal engine from Brutal Legend (which started dev in late 2005 / early 2006) until Headlander (released 2016), though it was upgraded significantly along the way for various projects and ported to nearly all the major platforms of those eras (except the Wii and handhelds).

@anotak To my knowledge Unreal has never had a complete rewrite, though each generation has been a very dramatic overhaul, especially 3 to 4. I'd be surprised if there was any UE1 code left in UE4 but it is possible.

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@joewintergreen in general training people to not model everything they experience as a transaction would be good for society

@lucasrizoli "no simulation without representation" was the line at Irrational.

@vogon "ah but that was 15 years ago, i've grown so much since then, which is why i threw a tantrum and forced my engineers to switch to android after tim cook threw shade on us for being terrible about privacy"

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✨ has been operating independently, without VC money or ads, and welcoming all creators big and small for almost 6 years.

Thanks for allowing us to make it this far, please keep it up & spread the word:

@BrendanSinclair zuck and sandberg deserve to be so incredibly hated, like can't-go-out-in-public-without-someone-throwing-their-smoothie-at-their-head-in-pure-rage hated

@pisschrist look, having good politics is all about dunking on the right people at the right time, as loudly and visibly as possible, no matter the mental health cost to you or your followers

No WAD Wednesday tonight folks, sorry - there's a problem with my computer that I won't have time to troubleshoot between now and then. Hopefully have things straightened out by next week.

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Keep in mind, Mefford's First Law of Game Development.

@joewintergreen that's incredibly sad. UT99 mutators were my gateway into programming.

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journalists need to stop referring to amazon’s “global workforce of 613,000” unless they mention at some point that 50,000 of those people are software developers making $200k and the other 550,000 are warehouse and shipment workers pissing into 2-liter bottles

@joewintergreen detective pikachu is paving the way for a starwar where chewbacca is the only intelligible character

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