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everyone has days where "Genesis" by Justice is their entrance music

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Anyways the cypress tree tunnel at Point Reyes is a neat little place, here's the map location in case you want to find it:

There was a pay phone at the end of the tree tunnel. No phone hardware left, but there was a phone book. Dated 2008. I lived in Marin county in 2008, and had a never-used land line number through my ISP. Sure enough that old number was in this half-decayed phone book!

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One day 10 or so years from now I'll be at a party and someone will ask the usual "what do you do" and I'll answer, "I made a series of critically acclaimed sandwiches in the mid to late 2010s".

me, a horse with a dark coat, just now learning about the human english idiom "dark horse": oh hell yeah

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"games as a service" was such a mistake. what a vast collective worsening of the way developers relate to their creations for fuck all in return totally enthralled by these photos of old mainframes, especially the ones where you get a sense of what it was like to really be in such a room, around these people. i imagine the sounds, the smells, the temperature.

WAD Wednesday starting 30 minutes later than usual today, at 7:30pm PST:

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It's possible this story ended up being an April Fool's joke from 2014:
PROTIP: if your AFD joke is pretty much entirely believable, and you date it March 31st, and most people can't tell if it's real or not... you didn't "win" you're just bad at jokes!

"The juice, man." This story rules. I miss the SF where weirdos did possibly-illegal stuff just because it was neat not because they could extract value at scale to hand back to VCs.

If I ever make a tourism mod for the PS2 port of Rune (waaay back from the beginning of my career!) I promise to call it... Rune Hiking Warlord.

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@jplebreton yeah i think it's the same train of thought as the "every pirated copy = one lost sale" bs. not true, not verifiable, but repeated often enough that people believe it somehow

But the real reason is that they make no measurable amount of money off this form of back compat, whereas they can make a bit of money off Virtual Console style repacks of the best sellers, where licensing allows. And that's how the capitalism cookie crumbles but a) I wish they'd just say that, and b) it's a shitty but sadly very normalized stance for a company that has managed to sequester a very significant slice of the history of an artistic medium on their now-abandoned proprietary platform.

The dismissal of platform-level back compat (ie put a PS2 disc into your PS3/PS4 and it Just Works) always leaned hard on murky platform holder anecdata like "people request this more often than they actually use and value it". And it's like, well you never really offered it for reals so you have no idea what the real demand was.

Sony stopped making new PlayStation 2s in 2012, and in a few days the last vestige of support will end:
Given that it's the best selling console of all time and its catalog is extremely significant, it deserves a better preservation effort than it's gotten. I wish PCSX2 were as far along and robust as Dolphin. I wish Sony had bothered with a 100% software back-compat solution for PS3/PS4, and that people in the industry hadn't been so dismissive of that.

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