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We'd live in a better world if all charity donations had always been required by law to be anonymous.
"Ah but then far fewer people would donate..."
No, we'd have a world whose value system never came to think of charity as (pre-reformation papal) indulgences for the rich.

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I wrote an article about why I'm excited for a flourishing of vastly different decentralized social networks that can all (kind of) talk to each other.

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May the conviction of Van Dyke in Chicago lead to a million more punished cops in every city and every state until the end of policing as an institution amen

the Atari of Blade Runner is definitely also the Atari that published Cameron Howe's Space Bike IV.

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Blade Runner has been scavenged so extensively for aesthetic inspiration and world building, that I'm surprised more people haven't unpacked the skyline's prominent Atari logo: what are games like in that world, and what the heck is Atari up to? Or did they broaden into a consumer electronics juggernaut in Sony's place?

WAD Wednesday will be starting an hour later today, at 8pm PST:

dreamt i found the control panel of an abandoned time machine with destination zones marked "prehistoric", "ancient", "medieval", "capitalism", and then some word my brain didn't know but translated to something like "permanence"

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uspol, important notice about Massachusetts anti-trans ballot initiative 

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When you walk around the hills and mountains in this part of California at this time of year, this is what the tall grass looks like. It's nice; fragrant, parched but far from dead, retreated into a golden color that it can stay hardy in til the winter rains come. And things live in it: deermice and quail and burrowing spiders.

some windows are mainly for people to look out of and others are mainly for suns to look in through

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I just discovered that someone licensed the Underoos brand and is making new products for adult men who love comics and other nerd stuff. As far as critiques of nerd culture go, it's a little on the nose, but I still appreciate it.

In any post-apocalyptic future you can't just call em binoculars, common objects need abbreviated slang names like "binocks" to reflect how the fires of armageddon burned away random syllables

Pacific Rim but instead the two people are controlling some sort of gigantic Muppet

Ultimately, rules for a society or a community can never be as cut and dried as the rules for a game. I deeply understand why people would want them to be - wouldn't life be so much easier? - but it will always be up to humans to interpret rules, and it's extremely important for those humans to be accountable to some power besides the rules, and there are unavoidably subjective aspects of that process. Rules formalize human judgment but ultimately it's the latter that truly governs our world.

It's important to me to walk through my neighborhood regularly, visit the places that sustain it, the places where people live realass lives, the places I would be sad if they suddenly disappeared one day which they very well could.
Here is an adorable jackie-o.

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