What you possibly didn't know: each Mastodon account has an RSS feed; just add ".rss" to the end of your URL, e.g. for my timeline at

@jpmens True. My own seems to be a day behind though. Maybe that's just how it works?

@gemlog I cannot confirm that for this instance, but it may, indeed, be a cron job or some other periodic thing which must be run

@jpmens I used to have a folder of masto rss in my tinytinyrss, but I retired it, because it was always behind and didn't serve my need, which was simply a desire to keep up with everyone I follow.

@jpmens btw, I really enjoyed your pole display story :-)

@jpmens Whoa, wait, I had no idea, that's quite cool!

(Now I feel *really* lazy for not implementing an RSS feed on my current actual website though...)

@jpmens I've been here a year and a half and I either never knew or had forgotten! Thanks!

@jpmens twitter used to have that too, until they removed it some 5 or so years ago

@jpmens I remember this is how I first used Twitter back when it supported RSS too.

@jpmens The ATOM-feed seems to be a lot more detailed, including all actions like boosts and favs. RSS only contains your toos.

@jpmens @kattascha Yes, and you can make use of it to automatically forward your Toots from Mastodon as Tweets in Twitter: One source to rule 'em all!


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