So Google remotely turns on powersaver on Pixels, Tesla remotely prolongs battery life on cars, ... Are you people sure that's the way it should be?

Apple removes “purchased” movies from your collection, Amazon deletes books from your Kindle, …

@jpmens The other side of the story is that we're moving towards a service-market.

You don't want to own a lightbulb. You want light. You don't want to own a Tesla. You want comfortable transportation.

In that light, "renting a service" makes sense. And then it makes sense that the provider is the owner (not you), and remotely fixes stuff.

@jpmens The main thing that makes this scary is "privacy" though.

If I don't own the lightbulb, do I automatically hand over all the data about when it is switched on or off, to the provider?

@berkes yes, you will. Same with the “rental” car: the operator will always want to know where it is, how fast it’s driving, and whether you’re applying the brakes carefully or not. Oh, and they’ll also want to ensure that you cannot drive into particular geographical areas.

@jpmens my point.

So we should search for a model in which we don't need to own 'stuff', but do keep our privacy.

At least, that is my stance.

I wouln't know where to start that search, though. Blockchain ? Federation? DIY?

@berkes I don’t disagree, but we’re talking about Tesla owners and people who purchased a movie or a book. They thought.

But they didn’t purchase. Whatever they thought they purchased is now gone.

@jpmens well, unchecked capitalism converges on rentierism & obviously capitalism is the best & regulations are the worst because governments are big dummy heads *all* the time, *every* time never mind the fact everything Apple, Google, & Amazon relied upon to get where they are today were brought to humanity by government research & socialist policies.

but I mean yeah, who needs to do pure research when you can not pay taxes, write off donations, & skip those socialst asphalt strips w/ drones.

@jpmens Google turned on the automatic Wi-Fi turn on for me.

Did not like that one bit.

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