@jpmens Adding CCTV to OSM is nice, but I think it's way too late. Most people carry cameras, and in the UK they've just been testing mobile lidar face scanners on vehicles. I expect before long the wearable police cameras will also be replaced by lidar.

In the long run, sousveillance happened but it didn't result in equiveillance. Everyone carrying cameras didn't redress systemic power imbalances by much.
@humanetech @jpmens Since it's lower fequency radar will give a much less accurate result. At radar wavelengths people will look like moving blobs. Things like gait recognition might be possible with radar, but the uncertainty will be a lot bigger.

@bob @jpmens Agree, but if it is indeed "sensitive enough to count individual sheets of paper", then it has serious implications, for e.g. security (seeing password you type, keylock and vault code, etc.)

@jpmens eigentlich sollte der Staat seine Überwachung des öffentlichen Raumes in des GIS publizieren.


nice, next time I will updating map I will add some cameras too ;-)

and check this video

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