"Google URL Shortener, also known as, was a URL shortening service offered by Google." Did you see the word "was"?

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@jpmens Wikipedia is a bit premature on the is/was/will-have-been change-over.

Current status Scheduled to retire on March 30, 2019

Edit: Ah. Context:
The service has not been accepting new users since April 13, 2018

@HildisviniBSD it clearly states on the right, that it will die on March 30th

@jpmens Yes. I included that "Current status" copied from that on the right. I was commenting on the wikipedia's use of past-tense for something that will end a month and a half in the future from now.
I edited the response to include that I misunderstood, then grasped the context for why they're using past-tense instead of future-imperfect(?) -- 'was', instead of 'will have been' -- due to the service having been put into a 'death-state' April of 2018.
I wasn't 'attacking' you or your post.

@HildisviniBSD right you are; I didn't mean to sound so harsh, sorry.

@jpmens No worries. I'm a very blunt person. I have 'social issues'. But also, nuance doesn't come across well in text without considerable setup and follow-through. No apology needed.
My brain will fixate on things, and question them.

@jpmens "The user could access a list of URLs that has been shortened in the past after logged in to their Google Account" <-- I wonder if there were GDPR issues with keeping that info?

@jpmens i sure do remember the promise that they'll be around forever and you can forever rely on that.

@hirojin Permalinks. FOREVER. Those are the absolute bestest links of all.

@jpmens so true. 404 not found status pages tend to be very short!

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