If a 13" MacBook Air user asked you for a recommendation for a or notebook to replace the Air, i.e. same-ish size/form factor, with reliable WiFi, working suspend, 8+ GB RAM, 500+ GB SSD and a good keyboard, what would you respond?

@jpmens Probably not much use, but I'd tell the questioner to take a look at Thinkpads and Dell laptops, and consider how important the size and form factor really is.

@jpmens I just switched from a MacBook Air to a used (with warranty until 2020) Thinkpad X270 with FreeBSD. Got it for ~850EUR at with 16GB + 500GB NVMe. Screen could be bigger (only 12.5"), would probably buy a T470(s) next time.

@jpmens Asus Zenbook UX305C, as far as form-factor goes. I haven't tried anything other than windows on it.

These articles detail pretty out-of-the-box linux support, so it is likely to work with BSDs:

@phessler The best about advice is one doesn’t have to take it, but when I do:

"Ihre Sendung befindet sich nun auf dem Versandweg”

This better be good! 😀

@jpmens I've been using my x1c5 as my daily driver with openbsd for about 7 months now. been very happy with it.

@jpmens Have you tried installing either on the existing hardware before buying another machine?

Unless you‘d be buying a new computer anyway really question the investment just for switching OS by reflecting about usage.

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