“The next-generation DNS”, a hosted, private DNS resolver with DoT and DoH support and blocklists.

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@jpmens Are you using it?

I just created an account but to use it I need to reconfigure things at home, and I don't want to do that just yet.

I did find this bind-over-TLS using stunnel (a tool I like & have used before):

@dvl I am not; just learned of it and passed it on.

I don’t believe in and want to use those services. For technical people like you or I it’s trivial to set up our own resolvers, and that’s what I recommend you do.

I will very gladly chat with you about that in Ottawa providing you’re interested and can make the time. :-)

@jpmens Thing is, setting up my own resolver doesn't get me the benefits.

@jpmens The benefits of their blacklists, their experience.

I run dns resolvers at home, but my outgoing queries are still visible to my ISP.

Using a 3rd party service over TLS will at least keep that from my ISP.

@dvl being afraid of one's ISP but shoving it all down the throat of a (relatively) unknown company is a very north american continent thing. True story :-) (by this I mean it's not common in Europe, say)

Using Unbound with qname minimization might alleviate some fears.

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