@jpmens forgive me for asking but what is that has broken recently in OpenBSD? (I have ansible running against ~80 production OpenBSD hosts 24/7 so now I'm a touch nervous!)

@NetworkString @jpmens my previous company used (and still uses IIRC) #Ansible so this is a bit sad to hear, hope they get to address these issues!

We use #Chef at the current company and their community management seems quite good. Just submitted my first two PRs, let's see if their 10-day SLA holds, fingers crossed

@NetworkString some of the modules, I'm told, but to be honest I didn't pay attention to detail. My own experiments with Ansible vs. OpenBSD look promising, but I've been using very basic stuff, preparing for a demo on that OS.

If you do notice anything untoward, I'm interested.

@NetworkString one thing I noticed in 2.7.x (I cannot recall .x) was horridyly slow setup (i.e. "gathering facts"). After moving to 2.8.1 that seems to have greatly improved.

@jpmens cool, I jumped from 2.5.x to 2.8.x and haven't noticed anything scary yet.

We have 3 CentOS hosts (for KubeSpray/k8s) and everything else (inc our Routers) are OpenBSD and all managed through Ansible!

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