It's chilly in hell: Microsoft to put exFAT support into the kernel, making technical specification for exFAT publicly available to facilitate development of conformant, interoperable implementations

@jpmens I wonder why everybody is pretending they're already working on it, when the quote clearly just says they "support the eventual inclusion [..] in a future revision". Plus the actual issue, the patents, is not solved.

@Sturmflut what makes you think they’re ‘pretending’? There’s no reason to do so, imo.

@jpmens The headline is "Microsoft to put exFAT support into the kernel", suggesting Microsoft will contribute kernel code and free the patents for everybody. I've even seen people write Microsoft is "open-sourcing" exFAT.

None of that is true. Other people are expected to write and maintain a possible kernel module, and only OIN members might (!) be exempt from patent licensensing fees - at some point in the future.

Until the patent issue has been resolved for good, the status quo hasn't changed.


I have a problem with "None of that is true” without proof.

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