I work in IT which is the reason this house has:

- mechanical windows
- mechanical door locks
- no Alexa/HomeKit/Google
- no Internet connected thermostats, lamps, or whatnots
- a dumb TV
- wall switches for lights

@jpmens Totally agree with you. I have the same setup.

And I always have to explain myself to non-IT-people why I have such a setup 😢

@_xhr_ @jpmens Same here. I'm still struggling to counter the "I have nothing to hide" attitude.

@dirkolmes @_xhr_ @jpmens
Give me your phone. I'm gonna install a program which watches you while you poop.

@malin @dirkolmes @_xhr_ @jpmens cool, can i get stats for that to post on FB/birdsite/insta? Is there a leaderboard? How do I win? What does my ribbon look like?

@Gisikon_Root @malin @dirkolmes @jpmens We as IT guys knew a decade ago that gamification is a thing. The AD industry now knows as well.

@dirkolmes @jpmens I usually go with an analogy here:

"Would you allow me to install a webcam above your bed?"

"Hell, no! Are you crazy?"

"No. You started the silly discussion and you actually have something to hide"

Works most of the time 😆

@_xhr_ @dirkolmes @jpmens My offer is "I can clone your entire phone and put it on the internet for free. Since you have nothing to hide..."

@jpmens i recently asked our home furnace installer if it was still possible to get analog mercury based switches XD

@jpmens what's your strategy for buying non-smart TVs? Feels like it's getting harder and harder.

@annika my strategy is to get a computer monitor of sufficient size and stick a Kodi box on it. I'm broke tho, maybe there are other options


totally agree with all of that! have to add
- no wifi

@jpmens or maybe, you should just create an isolated wifi and put all the devices there. I did exactly this. Which is also good, since then you will understand which of them are calling home, and which of them don't.

1 - Create a Wifi not connected to the internet.
2 - Order some nice IoT for your house from Amazon.
3 - If it can't work without the internet, send back to Amazon.
4 - If it can work without the internet keep it, enjoy and hack

With my wonder, almost all chinese "evil government backed spy devices" worked without the internet, one of them required me to spoof some web service to work (perhaps on http in clear!) , while most of "good friend best government american made devices" were incapable to work at all.

Which tells me a lot.

@jpmens ordering an AC that is not networked, even if wifi would not cost extra

@jpmens I'm worried that it's becoming increasingly difficult to buy "dumb TVs" other than computer monitors (and they don't quite have the same set of useful features).

@jpmens this meme stinks privilege like no other. Most people have none of that shit simply because they're expensive as fuck and make only sense if you live in the same place for an extended period. Also, all that hardware was developed and marketed by other people who 'work in IT' just like you.

@steko I think, regarding the privacy aspect, that those without the "privilege" of owning those things are better off NOT owning those things. Granted, there are certain instances where it might be needed for accessibility (a blind person who could make use of an assistant-driven appliance), but the lack of such things in this regard is a good thing. Those who work in IT know this, hence avoid them on purpose. Not so with the masses in general. @jpmens

@steko As for the people in IT who developed such hardware and marketed it (the latter more marketing deparment than IT), they're conducting capitalism and consumerism, and the target audience is eating it up (at least those who can afford it). @jpmens

@steko @jpmens I think it’s a reasonable privilege, rather than a stinky one. When we have the privilege of certain choices we should exercise them. When we are surrounded by options and tools, we should be free to choose, rather than be lead down a path by the pressure of prevailing trends. If your choices make you happy and don’t cause harm to others, express them.

I can do better. My house has.
- no computer, except for a single board that my kids use to play old nes games on a crt.
- only dumb cell phones with out camera or sms
- no radio
- no tv
- no newspaper
- no dishwasher
- no delivery of mail
- no landline

Tech is a powerful tool, but dangerous as well.

@jpmens You work in IT and don't know how to make no internet VLAN? :)
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