Eté 2022 : La Poste vous accompagne pour-- allez vs fair foutre.

A bit of an awkward <title>, IMO, for anybody who has more than one tab open.

Might be worthwhile checking that your Github Pages-hosted domain doesn’t have a DNS wildcard for itself

I wanted a self-inking red DONE stamp, but then I decided that ERLEDIGT sounds even more done than DONE.

Just checking domain of customer who’s putting 17 (!) students in a DNS&BIND online class with me next week. I’m looking forward to it. ;-)

You've possibly seen the front cover of the latest edition of “Ansible Up & Running” so I’ll show you the back which has NOCOWS=1 ;-)

I just received a complimentary copy, and I think this indicates I’ve read it.

Messrs Kernighan and Ritchie demonstrate a sense of humor when explaining recursion in “The C Programming Language”

Very nice: I can adjust the default brightness of the blue LED on Synology DS620 and schedule a dimmer on it

I was about to post a question on the “DNSSEC deployment” list only to see the last message I got was in 2017, and lists\.dnssec-deployment\.org, and my attempt to access the archive results in this.

I seem to not have received the memo.


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