The .sig with address and all phones and sundry contact details being attached to github issues you’re responding to by email: you do realize that, do you?

August maintenance releases of BIND are available and can be downloaded
from the ISC software download page,

A summary of significant changes in the new releases can be found in
their release notes:

current supported stable branches:

9.16.32 -

9.18.6 -

experimental development branch:

9.19.4 -

Eté 2022 : La Poste vous accompagne pour-- allez vs fair foutre.

You do know that I'm not a friend of SELinux, right?

SELinux is preventing isc-net-0000 from map access on the file /var/named/_default.nzd

Shaun the Sheep will be flying on NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission set for August 29th

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TIL an new euphemism for spam: "unsolicited feedback" ;-)

A bit of an awkward <title>, IMO, for anybody who has more than one tab open.


FYI, I don't yet see the changed digest value on refresh.


Might be worthwhile checking that your Github Pages-hosted domain doesn’t have a DNS wildcard for itself

@gryphius you definitely read the article, whereas I only skimmed it. :-(

@gryphius will you mention this to Gavin? (He's on Twitter as @GavinBrown or here as @g and/or @GavinBrown)

Introduction of automatic DNSSEC configuration (CDS scanning) at CentralNIC for .FO

Similarly to how SWITCH do it for .CH (I had written about that )

"All in all, I believe that s6 offers the best overall implementation of a supervision suite as it should be designed. At worst, it's just another take on daemontools with a reliable base library and a few nifty features."

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