I'm confident most of my readers can read. ;)

I date blogticles (blog articles) in the URL and at the end of the text for a reason.

If you find an article of mine which is over six (6) years old you might consider that it is theoretically possible the API it describes has meanwhile been updated, superceeded, or removed.



you might want to see the followup toot. Yes, a free t-shirt. 🤮

I have phrased a polite email and have retracted my offer to speak.

(and no: a free t-shirt really doesn't do anything for me; I can purchase my own, thank you.)

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So I was asked a couple months ago whether I would be willing to give a talk at a company conference, and I agreed.

Today, upon discussing last-minute things for Thursday I hear they're looking forward to my topic, but I'm not permitted to listen to any of the dozens of talks because NDA.

What the actual fuck?!


n'as tu pas eu des vacances l'année dernière?


in this particular case: "Du solltest die Grundlagen von Ansible, wie sie beispielsweise in unserer Einsteiger-Ansible Schulung vermittelt werden, gut beherrschen. Erfahrung mit einer Programmiersprache ist von Vorteil. Einige Beispiele behandeln wir in Python. Du musst die Sprache nicht beherrschen, es hilft Dir aber sehr, sie zu verstehen."

I don't feel that is overblown. :) But that may well be due to the fact that I wrote the requirements.

If you've signed up for a training, even more so if your boss has signed you up, how about reading up on the requirements for the training?

If it says "experience with" is a prerequisite, maybe don't sign up if you don't have the effing EXPERIENCE?

I thought the paper quite worth while, but ymmv; please don't kill the messenger. ;)

"PDFs used to be large, and although they are still larger than equivalent HTML, they are still an order of magnitude smaller than the torrent of JavaScript sewage pumped down to your browser by most sites" lab6.com/0

BIND 9 9.17.16 new feature:

“Using a new configuration option, parental-agents, each zone can now be associated with a list of servers that can be used to check the DS RRset in the parent zone. This enables automatic KSK rollovers.”


you didn't link to the product proper did you (or am I too stupid to see the click?)

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@jpmens “Client side DNS Zone Transfer-over-TLS (XoT) support as per draft-ietf-dprive-xfr-over-tls”

Nice ! 🥳


think positively, they're really making it happen:

> Not just making America great. But also making a great phone.

My favorite bits:

> It Does Everything Your Current Phone Does. Easily Transfer Phones. Just pop the SIM Card out of your phone and put it in this one. That's it!

Never *ever* has a move from an iPhone to something else been so easy!!!

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