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By the numbers: ZFS Performance Results from Six Operating Systems and Their Derivatives

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a browser extension that rounds *99 prices upwards

Is it considered rude to show somebody a 79 on the Autobahn?

I’ll be giving a full-day tutorial at ( and have completed assembling what I’ll be talking about.

It’s a bit difficult to judge how much we’ll be able to cover in 2x3 hours, but I trust we’ll do just fine, and I’ve also planned three small labs attendees will get to do if they want to.

I’m looking forward to doing this in Lillehammer, and already know there’ll be more than thirty people attending, which is great! The more the merrier. :-)

I find it hard to stop LoLling.
Who needs DoH when you have FPN?

“The Firefox Private Network proxy server is provided by our partner Cloudflare”

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Things I never thought I'd do: put a pair of socks into an envelope to send off. 😜

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#OpenBSD has disabled #DoH by default in our #Firefox packages. This is active in -current, and will be in our 6.6 -release.

From @otto 's commit message:

"""Disable DoH by default. While encrypting DNS might be a good thing, sending all DNS traffic to Cloudflare by default is not a good idea.
Applications should respect OS configured settings."""

A thread on how to provide NXDOMAIN for use-application-dns[.]net for different open source resolvers.

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I've published information on DNS-over-HTTPS in Firefox on my DoH page.

The page will be updated once I've got new information.

If stuff is missing, let me know.

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VM setup finished for a Ansible training given by @jpmens

Looking forward to learn more about

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