US folks get all defensive about their MMM DD, YYYY date format, except for today when it becomes “4th of July”

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@jpoh I don't think many attack MMM DD, YYYY. It's crazy shit like MM-DD-YYYY that gets attacked (and deserves it).

(D&RD, sorry.)

@tewha yeah the MM-DD-YYYY gets me every time.. e.g. 06-03-2020 is that 3rd of June or 6th of March?

@jpoh I've got a coworker who always uses DD MMM YYYY (like 03 Jun 2020). It's at least unambiguous, but still ugly.

@tewha I’ve taken to using ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD everywhere now, or spelling out the month regardless of the order 23 June or June 23.

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